Dark Matter: Welcome to the Revolution
June 20, 2017 8:47 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The crew of the Raza intervenes in a dispute between a colony looking to gain its freedom and the corporate security staffers that have been abandoned by their company. Six encounters somebody from his past and makes a decision about his future. On the ship, the Android discovers a walled-off database and the presence behind it.

As note, I have no claim to posting about this show. I've just decided to do it because nobody else has been. The problem is, I'm usually a day or two (or more) behind in my viewing, and I know I won't be able to get the posts up when the show airs. If there is somebody who wants to facilitate a more timely discussion, please go ahead and start posting about future episodes.
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Yep, I'm definitely at the point where character turnover has me kind of losing interest. Did we know the General? I sorta kinda remember Sarah was some crew's love interest, but she was dying in the pod, right?
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The general is the one who tricked 6 into bombing the space station in the backstory.

I love/hated 3's line "Can't we just jump to the part where you get the drop on us?" It was like, funny meta-joke, but I'd rather have y'all write episodes that don't rely on people getting the jump on the (allegedly) baddest-ass mercs in the galaxy.
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Don't give up on this show! I just watched episode 4 and it's worth it. If you're feeling like you're done with this show, give the next episode a chance.

Groundhog Day on the Raza
Five is the oldest crew member
Would you accept a digital copy of your dead girlfriend?
Do robots dream of electric sheep?

And more! It does get better. I went into this with low expectations, and episode 4 has blown them away. Before you watch the next episode, raise your expectations.
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Oh, don't get me wrong, a show has to be really pretty badly done before I'll stop watching, especially in the summer months when there are only like four or five hours of new content per week instead of the ten or whatever it is I have in the winter. I just think the writers have maybe forgotten that the viewers aren't working with a show bible like they are.
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