Batman: the Movie (1966) (1966)
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The Dynamic Duo faces their greatest challenge yet: four of Gotham City's most dastardly known super-criminals are all at large and working together. Their goal? Nothing short of… world domination! (Available on Netflix, in the US at least, until the end of the month!)
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It only seemed appropriate to revisit this most readily available part of the Adam West Batman series in honor of his death last week. It's a silly movie but it's remarkably good at what it sets out to do — the pacing is surprisingly good, with virtually every scene either being an action set piece or moving the movie toward the next one, and the over-the-top yet completely committed acting is impossible to not love.
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Ah, the nobility of the almost human porpoise.
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Peak West.
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Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!
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It really is a treasure .
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I know Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt have their staunch defenders, but for me, Lee Merriwether is the greatest Catwoman.
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Metafilter: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.
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When I was ten years old, I was taken out of some of my usual classes twice a week to help the special education teacher, Mrs. Preston, with the sixteen developmentally disabled students in my school district. I don't have a whole lot of memories of how I helped or why I was chosen to help. What I do remember is that May and June of 1989 was peak Caped Crusader, and every child in my school (4th to 6th grade, plus all the special education students for the school system) had Batmania.

So for the last regular day of classes, Mrs. Preston got permission from my other teachers for me to work with her for more than one class period. (This was easier to get back in those days, with standardized testing being complete and no NCLB federal educational standards to endanger funding.) When I got to her classroom, she winked at me and told the class, "Today we have a special treat. We're going to watch the Batman movie!" All the students were thrilled. I was surprised—how in the world did Mrs. Preston manage to get a copy of a movie that hadn't come out in theaters quite yet?

Of course it was Batman: the Movie, and of course we all had a blast watching it, and of course I still have a blast watching it.
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There's a very cute scene in the Lego Batman movie which is a call back to the Shark Repellent scene. It's Robin's first time in the Bat Cave:

Robin: "Whoa, it's the Bat Sub!"
Batman: "Wait, Don't touch that."
Robin: "And over there, it's the Bat Shuttle!"
Batman: "Please keep your hands off that."
Robin: "It's the Bat Zeppelin!"
Batman: "Don't touch that, either!"
Robin: "The Bat Train!"
Batman: "No!"
Robin: "It's the Bat Kayak!"
Batman: "NO!!"
Robin: "It's the Bat Dune Buggy!"
Batman: "No!"
Robin: "It's the Bat... Shark Repellent?"
Batman: "Uh... Actually you can... you can touch that. It's completely useless."
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Ah, the heady days of callow youth, when we believed that terrorists were likely to attack goo-goo world leaders instead of the capitalist menace at the other end of the island. But I digress....

There's a cute Twitter that does naught but pump a steady stream of the silly signage from the series: Batman 1966 Labels
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Was very disappointed by the opening credits. Where's the WAM! BAM! POW!? Where's the NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA?

Also disappointed that, as they scaled the UN, Buddy Hacket or someone didn't pop his head out of one if the windows and chat.

And I'm on Team Newmar.
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