The Flop House: Ep. #234 - The Accountant
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It's the movie that thinks autism is the secret to becoming a John Wick-style super-killer, The Accountant. Meanwhile Elliott details Randy Newman's difficulty with dirty rhymes, Dan exhausts his knowledge of Zurich, Stuart hates Cheerios, and we all make some probably ill-advised jokes about the murder of Jean Smart. Wikipedia synopsis for The Accountant Movies recommended in this episode: Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb The Blackcoat's Daughter The Sympathizer LIVE SHOW ALERT! We'll be at the PHILLY PODCAST FESTIVAL on July 16th at 8:30 pm!
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I am physically shook by the idea that Elliot is moving to LA. Like, I think I missed the episode where they announced it, but have heard enough mentions to know it is not some mournful dream.
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I hoping it's at least to work on a season 12 of MST3K.
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I'm very curious to see if they can actually make it work or if this is the end of the flophouse as we know it. The McElroys do well with remote podcasts, but they've had years of practice at it. It's very different riffing off of each other when you're not in the same room.
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Tom Brokaw reading Dune is my favourite running joke, and I have no idea who Tom Brokaw is.
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I am physically shook by the idea that Elliot is moving to LA.

Same. I know they're planning to try to make it work, but oh god, the chemistry could be lost so easily.

(And yeah, Elliot's ability to just start expounding on Dune mythology at the drop of the hat always makes me laugh, though if I had to choose a favorite stupid recurring joke it would have to be the re-re-recollection of Eugene Levy's "I'm straight trippin boo" line, leading to the ultimate "I'm straight drownin boo" riff in the Guardians of the Highlands episode.)
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Tom Brokaw reading Dune is my favourite running joke, and I have no idea who Tom Brokaw is.

He's a TV news anchor who did the NBC Nightly News for a couple of decades starting in the mid-'80s, and over the last 15 years or so became known for The Greatest Generation, a series of fairly non-nuanced nonfiction books extolling the supposedly unequaled virtues of Americans who came of age during the Great Depression and WWII. The books were huge best-sellers during the buildup to the Iraq War, and became an inadvertent propaganda tool in the push to label a cynical war of choice as an existential struggle against global terror.

Which is why it's absolutely hilarious to imagine Brokaw's weird (and easily imitated) folksy drawl juxtaposed with the moral and political ambiguity of Dune.
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