Preacher: Damsels
July 5, 2017 1:41 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Jesse gets a tip that God might be in New Orleans and Tulip's hiding a secret.
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I'm still having fun with this.

* I still wish Tulip were more tied into the A-plot instead of off on her own all the time. I mean, I'm curious about her subplot, and the visual at the end where they sent *so* many men just to get her was fun and all, but I'd rather see her and Jesse doing more.

* Puzzled by the Denis subplot. Be curious how that plays out.

* I'm very curious what's going on with Hell. The bit with Hitler (that was Hitler, right?) being near Eugene's cell was a little convenient, but the whole thing with the projectors and power failure and whatnot is fascinating.

* The Grail seem more competent on the show than in the comic. This is probably for the best. I liked how they scammed Jesse. (Plus, I guess the lounge singer was Featherstone. Not how I pictured her, but okay.)
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This episode could be labelled The Unaswered Questions. For example: Who knows where god is? What the hell is Tulip not saying? What was the fake kidnapping attempt all about?

Interspersed with Eugene's backstory. (With less violence...)
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Well, we know a little:

* Tulip's story has mostly been told at this point. We know she screwed over a figure in organized crime with some serious juice, and now he wants to get even. We don't know specifics, but she hasn't denied doing whatever it was, she's just putting it off. (Given what we've seen about Tulip, it seems reasonable to assume that she doesn't want Jesse to know both because he might think less of her, and because he might get hurt in a hamfisted attempt to clear it up himself. I normally object to the whole Main Characters Keeping Secrets trope - and it does annoy me here - but at least it's in character for her.)

* The fake kidnapping was pretty straightforward - it was a scheme intended to pressure Jesse into revealing whether or not he really had Genesis. The fake lounge singer was able to experience it firsthand, so that's getting kicked upstairs. So we know they knew Jesse was potentially a big deal, coming to New Orleans and that he'd hitting jazz clubs, meaning they have some kind of inside track not directly connected to Fiore (since they have the wrong set of information - more robust about Jesse's whereabouts, but less so about what he can do).
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Jesse's investigative technique - walking around, getting drunk, asking randos where God is - kinda sucks.
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Yeah, he's not a great preacher, and not a great detective, either.

Finally getting around to seeing Talking Preacher, which followed S02 E02, but instead of making a new FanFare post just to add my notes, I'll post them here:
  • Host, as always, Chris Hardwick, with guests Sam Catlin (co-creator with Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen), Graham McTavish (Saint of Killers), and Dominic Cooper (Jesse), with recorded interludes from Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy) and Ruth Negga (Tulip O'Hare)
  • Come On Eileen wasn't the first pick - Genesis was discussed, "but then we realized it was Genesis"-- the crowd "oohs" and "aahs," but Chris defends Genesis -- though no one talks about how fitting that could have been
  • - Graham read Preacher, but it was 10 years after being a tween who read Marvel and DC comics; he couldn't believe what he saw, and now he finds himself reacting similarly when reading the scripts, being astonished at what they'll do 2 or 3 times per episode
  • The flash wedding: Dominic says it's when everything is going well, and it's the right kind of place for them (but then it's going to fall apart); Chris points out that Jesse and Tulip destroy things together, especially with Tulip making Jesse break down the door to get her
  • From Tulip's POV, Genesis is a form of rape, and she's also uneasy with parts of Jesse, which can be amplified through Genesis
  • Graham is a self-confessed fanboy, almost re-enacting a *skwee!* when he got to be Saint of Killers, but that Cavalry sabre is a real PITA, particularly when going to the bathroom; they muse that this is possibly why he has such a high level of rage
  • On top of being a general fanboy, Graham was really stoked to be a cowboy, because that's definitely something that happens in England (Chris, on the other hand, looks forward to dressing in a red jacket, tight white pants, and chasing a fox -- his guests agree that this can be arranged)
  • We'll learn about why Genesis doesn't work on SoK, and more SoK background, soon
  • Cassidy probably had sex with Fiore, which is the general agreement reached in the writers' room
  • Fiore sees a new part of Jesse while waiting with him to get married, on top of thinking no one should host Genesis, which is why he turns and doesn't put SoK's quest to an end
  • Sok's ending of Fiore was an act of kindness, releasing him from his personal hell, which SoK understands
  • Don't know where Fiore ends up (not written [yet!])
  • Fiore was pictured as something of a Keith Richards/ Starman, marooned on earth, too good to be here; that's how Sam feels in Las Vegas
  • Friday Night Lights was Dominic's original dialect coach, but he also had a dialect coach
  • Chris notes that the Brits are taking good American jobs as Southerners
  • The comic that Cassidy reads is a 1972 issue titled "Archie's One Way," which was produced by a Christian publisher and used Archie characters to convey a "spiritually uplifting message" [Synopsis: "During the schools Better World festival, Archie, Betty and the gang deal with tough modern-day issues like self-esteem, physical health and parental neglect through strong doses of Vitamin Jesus. The first of the Spire Christian Comics to use the Archie characters to convey a spiritually uplifting message."]
  • She She's is a real Gentlmen's Club in New Orleans (strip club listing, which is a thing), which was also featured in the ScHoolboy Q (feat. 2 Chainz) music video "What They Want" [explicit song, NSFW video]
  • The police SUV that exploded at the end of the shootout ... didn't explode. Charges were strategically placed around it to create a massive fireball without damaging the vehicle
  • Jesse feels remorse for the destruction of Annville, but more for a loss of memories, growing up in that church, though he may also feel some relief, [lost causes] while Tulip lost her only family
  • Sam is looking forward to seeing Herr Star, Featherstone, Hoover and The Grail, who couldn't fit into the first season, but are coming in the second
  • Fish tank was an Easter egg, a window into Jesse's past
  • Recorded video interlude: Joe musing on the foreskin-face cream conspiracy
  • And Joe got a new chest tattoo, but that didn't match for consistency, so he had to shave his chest. He tells us that it's dangerous, especially the nipples, so he got Nair for men, and the story goes on from there. [Joe is pretty much Cassidy in real life -- ed.]
  • Graham mused on the increased threat of a slowly walking menace, versus the running threat
  • Chris: what would happen if Jesse learn of Cassidy and Tulip? Dominic: You'd see the worst of Jesse.
  • Chris: of that three, who's the most dangerous? Tulip is cunning and vicious, with a grace, but Jesse is pretty bad-ass, and probably would win based on strength
  • Dominic is looking forward to really seeing the comic book come to life in Season 2
  • Next Talking Preacher will be in September, after the Preacher finale.

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