Atomic Blonde (2017)
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An undercover MI6 agent is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and recover a missing list of double agents.
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I was going to complain about yet another "Mission: Impossible/Skyfall/probably others" NOC list plot...But then I remembered that one time (I can't remember when exactly), Kurt Loder told me that sampling might be okay to do.
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... I know they played 99 Luftballons twice. ... didn't stop me from singing along... or jamming shamelessly to most of the soundtrack.

I need to watch it once more through to judge as a movie, but I'll say that the stage-setting made me want to squat in west-Berlin, rock out to Peter Schilling, and turn some abandoned house into a piece of lived-in performance art.

tl;dr: I miss Tacheles.
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They played "Voices Carry" twice too, I'm pretty sure.
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As we left the theater we realized that it is entirely possible that Atomic Blonde and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy take place in the same timeline. The Tobyjonesiverse is real!
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That one fight scene, you know the one, made me tired just watching it. A+ would watch Charlize Theron punch people again.
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As critics suggested, it was shallow, relying on style rather than substance.

As it happens, I like those sorts of movies! Style!
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The soundtrack and that stairwell fight choreography alone were worth the ticket cost. I agree with maxsparber. Style over substance, but oh, what style.
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the soundtrack was great, but indiscriminate. everything about the film was surface and signifier, gimmick and posturing. sometimes, that was really great. Charlize Theron was fabulous to watch; she is an talented, smart actress and she elevated a shallow character with nuance and intense physicality. but the writing was shite! i got so bored with the plot i just stopped caring. i watched the thing for the visuals, so it was worth seeing in a theater - it was quite an eyeful. what occurred to me was that it felt very much like an american 60s movie, set in the 20s: costumey, anachronistic, nostalgic. not necessarily a bad thing, but definitely commercial artifice and staunchly rooted in the twenty-teens. and even though era-appropriate, there was so much cigarette smoking onscreen (totally fetishized) that i left the theater feeling like i had emphysema. also? though i applaud her character having fluid sexuality, if i never see another girl-on-girl sex scene played out for the male gaze, i'm fine with that. let's see Bond in bed with a bro, sometime, instead!
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Plot twist! Everything is plot twist! By the third major switcheroo I was completely jaded, whatever... Should have been one last switch and she was actually with the lizard people.

But the style and the setting tweaked all of my nostalgia bells, I am with Seeba and want to squat in West Berlin.
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aahhh! ah! So when I saw the first trailer back in like March I was so hyped for it I wanted to make a fanfare thread just for the trailer, or make an FPP, that's how excited I was. Obviously I didn't do that. But I was excited. Watching it in theaters was gonna be my birthday present. Now I'm not so sure. :(
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I enjoyed pretty much everything about this - cinematography, costuming, soundtrack, fights (with adequate bloodspray - I hate sanitized violence), ridiculous plot twists, tons of punks hanging around, and let's not forget the lesbians. Sofia Boutella is my new screen crush in a huge way.

I wish Charlize Theron would be cast as the next Bond, or that I can have a whole series of these. This movie made me so happy.
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I liked this quite a lot, especially coming directly after seeing The Dark Tower, which was a disappointment. The McGuffin is ridiculous--how a list of undercover agents behind the rusting Iron Curtain could extend the Cold War by, what was it, forty years, is never explained nor remotely plausible--but there's lots of fun action and I love the soundtrack. (Apparently, Bowie was approached to be in it, but didn't because of his then-unknown terminal illness; it would have been sweet if he'd been able to, because of his connection with West Berlin.) I was also amused by my previous speculation that this looked like the Black Widow movie that we'll apparently never get, because the last time I saw the eighties East Berlin demimonde was in X-Men: Apocalypse, of all things.
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I loved it too. I welcome the return of action movies where you can actually see the punches land in the fight scenes. Not the quick-cut bullshit of say, the Paul Greengrass-directed Bourne movies.
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We saw it tonight and loved it. I was expecting something quite different based on the half-remembered trailer I saw months ago, but I loved the fight scenes, loved the Cold War spy stuff, loved the soundtrack, loved the style, loved loved loved Theron. She was so good.
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I would have died of happiness if Bowie had been in it. I had half-hoped "Heroes" would be on the soundtrack, though it's not the right time period.
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The seven minute "single take1" stairway fight was amazingly well choreographed and shot by Sam Hargrave. He was both the stunt coordinator and the camera operator for the scene, and says he took a few falls down the stairs himself during filming.

1. It's not actually a single take - they swap out Theron's stunt double (and assistant stunt coordinator) Monique Ganderton for some of the moves. The actual continuous takes are around a minute long and are stitched together to seem like one shot.
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I did finally see it, and I absolutely love this treatment of this kind of protagonist. I love the way the camera treats her - i love the nudity that's not sexualized. I love the pan over her back muscles, I love the bruises that swell up her face and make her not pretty. I love her wardrobe and the way she uses it as a prop.

I love, love, love the part when they're about to start the debriefing and she lights up a cigarette, because it's 100% a reference to that famous scene in Fatal Attraction.

I love the new-old-fashioned style of action cinematography. I love how modern cinematographers are going ludicrously, luridly over the top.

But like, as a film, it was astoundingly unclear on a lot of basic points. Like, who was on this list? Was it just Soviet spies? If it was all the spies of every stripe, then who the fuck compiled that list? Because the person who could do that is a much bigger threat than the information itself. Why was she mic-ing herself up? Why did she visit James' apartment? Why did she go to that bar where Dauphine found her? Basic, basic stuff, because the scene transitions weren't properly motivated. I don't mind a film being shallow, but it was unclear.
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I loved the movie. Actually I am in love with Charlize Theron and I may be biased. The fight scene in the apartment building is great.
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I had a lot of post-movie 'fridge logic' issues with the plot after all was revealed, but as a gritty James Bond movie goes, it's not that out of whack. And, wow, the fight scenes. The fight scenes were brilliant and brutal. So much style. So much hyperviolence. I am loving the stunt work and fight choreography.

And I, for one, am SO DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY that Charlize Theron evidently wants to spend the middle-aged part of her career being a groundbreakingly badassed action hero.
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