Any interest in "Comrade Detective"?
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Someone mentioned in the "Santa Barbara in Russia" post watching "Comrade Detective". I saw it on Amazon and watched the first episode and wondered if anyone is interested in a post for the season.

The main charcters are voiced by Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

What the hell is "Comrade Detective" from Vanity Fair.

The weirdest show of 2017 from Vice.

My first take is it's probably only funny to people who have read The Communist Manifesto, people who know Romanians, or people who spend too much time reading about economics. So it's perfect for MetaFilter.
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I'm intrigued.
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To me, it reads as a critique of capitalism from a skewed perspective. It also was rarely laugh out loud funny but there were funny bits. When Jordache is pronounced Jor-dak-he, for instance, that was always funny. There's also a joke about handcuffs in the last scene that was amusing in a black comedy sorta way. Or rather, the incident that led to the handcuffs joke.

But I don't meet any of the criteria above so maybe I just didn't get it.
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I forgot to check FanFare Talk before posting and I put up a post for Episode 5 just because that happened to be the episode I'd seen before thinking "I should put up a FanFare post about this".

I would totally be interested in a post covering the whole season. fiercekitten I am totally happy to defer to you to do the honors. I've now seen the final episode so I'd definitely be interested in sharing thoughts about it with others.
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