Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update: Summer Edition, Introducing Sheetcaking
August 18, 2017 4:52 PM - Season 42, Episode 23 - Subscribe

With Jimmy Fallon as George Washington, Seth Meyers as Thomas Jefferson, Kenan Thompson as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Tina Fay, as the smartest and funniest woman on the planet.

Available here:
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Live link and Sheetcaking.
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There was a little bit of a <bleep>show in the potus45 megathread about Fey's segment. My intention isn't to be inflammatory (if mods feel this is so, please delete) but I was very disappointed.

I got that she was satirizing a certain stereotype/demographic (which intersects with those who choose not to protest, and that's a-ok for lots and lots of different reasons the not protesting bit), and supporting LGTB-friendly cake-eries... and... cake-eries with African American proprietors... (what about LGTB* supporting cake-ery proprietors of other N.Am. minority visible ethnicities?)

But she completely lost me with the Drag Queen/"he"/6'4" black man.


Yes, drag queens are (typically) not trans women and (typically) identify as genre performers where sexuality is irrelevant in drag or in drab.

It's not even topical - is it? Was there a confrontation between drag queens in drag clashing with the nazis?

Maybe the Juggalos news hadn't happened before the sequence was written, but "something something beaten down by insane clowns" (with tiki torch sized dildos) would have worked so much better.

I adore Fey's body of work, but this particular segment was really weaksauce - even devolving to alluding to her graduating UVA "a virgin" and wearing black plastic rimmed glasses for the faux geek cred. Lazy and weaksauce.

*- shit LGBTQ, but why should B get precedent before T, when it rolls off the tongue the same - QLGTB works fine, also
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Leslie Jones is wonderful as always.

Seth Meyer cameo killed! The Neil deGrasse Tyson bit was tedious, but I find the actual man to be the same.

as a stunt, Fey couldn't even stunt completely eat a huge-assed cake - not that anyone should attempt to, stunt or not
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I'd read the reaction to Fey's bit before I saw it and I was not impressed. Meh. Mikey Day as Don Jr. and Alex Moffat as Eric last week were so much better. Alex's face as Mikey spun the fidget spinner after he'd just been holding and staring at it was the funniest thing I have seen all year. I also wanted the real Neil DeGrasse Tyson to appear.
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