Project Runway: A Leap of Innovation
September 1, 2017 1:31 PM - Season 16, Episode 3 - Subscribe

The designers are treated to a private screening of the film Leap! as well as a performance by Hiplet and must draw inspiration for an innovative and edgy design in order to survive another week.

A new animated children's film helps designers approach their next challenge: design a garment inspired by dance, movement, and innovation. The twins continue to annoy everyone on the planet, but oh, the irony, Kudzanai gets his wish. Deyonte stabs a needle through his finger. Heidi has some shoe drama (?) and misses out on her hairdresser appointment. Maddie Ziegler (the kid who is the voice actor for the movie's lead role) is guest judge.

Final looks at Tom & Lorenzo...

Top Three: Brandon, Batani, Margarita; Brandon wins
Bottom Three: Deyonte, Kudzanai, Kentaro; Kudzani goes home
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Tom & Lorenzo final looks here

EW recap
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I don't hate him, but I don't get the appeal of Brandon, who they all fawn over. I'm kind of hoping they'll get a challenge that requires a non-rectangular design to see what he can actually do.
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I thought Amy's design was really clever, sporty, looked well-made, and was actually innovative, but she was ignored. And they fawned all over Margarita's bland ruffles (and the HAT, ugh)? Seriously, I guess I just don't understand fashion.
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Yeah, I liked Amy's a lot! But I think I would have given Kenya the win. Ehh, judges gonna judge.
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I thought Claire's red mess was atrocious. Also loved Kenya's and Amy's was cool. But, yeah, I liked Brandon's and I agree that his perspective is new and refreshing -- maybe the show just needed more menswear designers.
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If I were a much cooler person, I would wear Amy's design to the grocery store, Kenya's to work, and Batani's to burning man.
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I loved Amy's design and it was truly innovative. Kenya's was great too, and impeccably made. Although it's nothing I would ever wear, I appreciated Brandon's design. It was clever, well-made and he'd put a lot of work into it. He also seems like a genuinely lovely guy. I don't begrudge him the win.

I also don't get the judge love for Margarita's outfit. It was so costumey and twee and really juvenile. I could see a 10-year-old girl wanting to wear it for dress-up.

I'm surprised Michael's model dropped the jacket at the start of the runway. The judges didn't get the chance to see it; she should've taken it off when she reached the end of the runway and then walked back showing the dres.

Deyonte was lucky as hell this week. If he hadn't had two good showings in previous weeks, I think he'd have been auf'd. The finishing on that outfit was atrocious. And why didn't he line it properly? You could see the model's bra through it. Awful.

But Kudzani's was a hot mess. As one of the judges said, it looked like a pinata that had exploded. Awful.
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Margarita's dress made me angry. It didn't fit right--it did extremely weird things to the model's stomach. It looks like it was digging into her right under the ribs, and it made it seem like an alien was about to borrow out of her. No dress that does that to a model should get any praise.

I can't believe Aaron's mess was waived through. My God. It's like we get that sort of thing all the time in project runway, and it always looks horrible.
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Yes, the stomach, meese. It was odd! The dress was nicely made and ok, but Kenya should have been top 3. And Shawn belonged in the bottom again. But they'd HAVE to get rid of her, third time in the bottom, and they don't want to get rid of her because they love us to hate the twins.

I feel a little bad about the twins, but they are definitely being pushed as omgsoannoying. I would not think twice about politely asking them for a couple hours of quiet. Which probably happened, but the show would not show it.

I am also glad Deyonte got another shot. He is lucky Kudzani didn't finish either.
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I thought Brandon's design was stunning... the white, the perfect off-white, the bridal buttonloops... and I was all ready to declare him to be the finale winner when I finally got around to checking their portfolios on the Lifetime website as well as the results of the first and second challenges (how soon we forget) and well, this is his schtick, white, oversized, some self detailing, and a lotta strappy things hanging loose which he'll need to rein in before the judges get sick of them.

Likewise I wasn't too upset that Kudzanai was auf'd because that was truly horrible... awful color choices, sloppy construction, no editing but, looking back, I really liked his first episode garment which was a sleeveless cherry red coat over leggings. It was really sophisticated and could've been in the top. His portfolio was minimal though so it's hard to tell how much further he would've gone. I don't think Deyonte will last much longer either.

Instead of Katani in the bottom, I would've chose Aaron and his god-awful purple clownsuit. He hasn't done anything of note.

I'd have relegated Margarita and Batani to "safe" and put Amy (loved her portfolio) and Kenya in the top.

Batani strikes me as this season's Anya, fantastic personal style, good eye for fabric but limited as a designer.
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I do really dislike the twins and the whole frazzled, noisy schtick they have going on (indeed, indeed), but just the fact that they're even there to begin with is really unfair to the other designers. And to put them both on the same team... 0_o.

They each already have a built-in support system, which is an advantage that can't be measured, and the comfort of a loved one being nearby, while all of the others are homesick and missing people terribly. The peace of mind that comes from having each other there is huge, and it's just really not a level playing field at all for everyone else.
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