The Bold Type: Pilot
September 3, 2017 11:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Jane becomes unsettled after being asked to write a story about why her ex broke up with her; Kat's strong connection to an outspoken photographer confuses her; Sutton tries not to feel left behind as she toils in the assistant ranks.
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I had been meaning to watch this, and was convinced by an episode of Lainey Gossip's podcast - Show Your Work - the Mindy Kaling, Pregnancy Not Interrupted episode, where they described this show as showing female friendships between colleagues at different levels with no competition, and a non-bitchy boss as the head of a fashion magazine. It was refreshingly brilliant!
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This is one of my favorite shows on tv right now. Yes, it's on-the-nose with Hot Issues and Intersectional Feminism 101 but it's so entirely sweet and kind. The female friendships (a phrase I am so tired of because it never seems to bode well) feel like actual close human friendships I have had, and maybe most importantly the queer romance doesn't feel tokenistic but sexy, real, and swoony-romantic, which I guess is what happens when you hire women and queer people and queer women to write your show, amazing.
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Yeah, this is a very retro take on the magazine industry (where is the despair? Why have there been no layoffs?), but I am really enjoying the show. It's my new favorite fluff, and I definitely need some good fluff right now.
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