Patricia McKillip superthread?
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Anyone interested in doing a McKillip book club? I've been re-reading a bunch of her stuff lately and would be interested in talking with folk about some of the themes that recur in her work, writing style, and so on. I don't know if it should just be a general author's-work thread (is Fanfare even set up for that?) or maybe just make a Riddlemaster post and include.. everything else that came after.
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I am a big fan of McKillip but I'm pretty rotten at book-club-like setups. I'm happy to just talk ad nauseum about books but I don't want to be assigned a book. I just finished my annual re-read of the Riddle-Master of Hed trilogy, which are the only books I have in my permanent library. I've read pretty much everything she's written (I think). So keep me in the loop of whatever you decide to do.
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If you don't wind up doing something here, you might sign up to write an author appreciation post in /r/Fantasy. Most are not that long, and I'm sure something on McKillip would be welcome and find a meaningful audience.
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Hmm, I guess I don't actually mean a book club! Maybe more like an author club? Maybe just this thread? I've never found much discussion on her books as a whole, before, and it seems like it'd be a fun thing to dig into. There's magic dad themes (High One in Riddlemaster, Merle in Kingfisher, Jonah/Nairn, etc), ancient wizard (High One and Merle, but also Atrix Wolfe, plus maaaaaaany others), there's the developing modern-fantasy she's got going with Kingfisher (showed up in Bards, feels like it's been in one of the other books as well?) and of course music and food.
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I've wondered about how something like this could fit on Fanfare too. You could make the club regardless of membership to create a persistent/prominent association between the book posts and just do it--McKillip is popular enough that either people would eventually appreciate it or at least not mind. I also don't see a reason not to do it in this thread, aside from the limited audience checking Fanfare Talk, but an author appreciation thread on /r/Fantasy or a blog post somewhere could go on Projects and maybe hit the blue.
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