One Mississippi: Two Mississippi
September 9, 2017 6:12 AM - Season 2 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Season two of Tig Notaro's Amazon series takes us deeper into the lives of Tig's step-father, Bill, and her brother, Remy. Meanwhile, Tig continues to speak honestly on her radio show as Tig and Kate's relationship perpetually redefines itself. Politics come into play, and a Mississippi changed by the election of Trump hangs grotesquely in the background. Also, trigger warning. Very upsetting but necessary discussions of molestation, abuse, and harassment, including scenes of deplorable men being deplorable, also occur this season. And in spite of all that, the show continues to be a funny, even joyous celebration of love and compassion.

"At several points in the season, a character in the throes of confusion or despair looks up, locks eyes with another character he or she didn’t expect to see, and gives the relieved expression of, “Oh, thank God you’re here.” It’s how I feel about the show in general — Oh, thank God there are shows like this, shows in which women fall in love and don’t get murdered, shows in which plus-sized characters are entitled to healthy sexualities, shows that acknowledge grief exists." —Margaret Lyons, New York Times

"“One Mississippi” never feels preachy or issue-oriented; it’s a human story through and through. But it, like Notaro, recognizes the responsibility of its narrative and does an exquisite job incorporating these conversations into open dialogue. The characters’ discussions make it feel easier to talk about these topics in general, befitting from Tig’s goal within and outside of the show." —Ben Travers, IndieWire

"The grace of “One Mississippi” is that it takes on difficult topics of sexual harassment, racism and other divides in the country, including the presidential election, in a wry sideways manner that makes its point without being confrontational." —Rob Lowman, Los Angeles Daily News

"Tig Notaro, like her Amazon series “One Mississippi,” knows exactly who she is. She isn’t brash, bold or demanding of attention in the way of other comedians. Notaro’s tranquil self-assuredness manifests in her secure comedic delivery, and that has a commanding nature to it. This is also present in the excellent new season of her Amazon series, a bright sparkle available to Prime subscribers this Friday." —Melanie McFarland, Salon
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The only thing wrong with this season was it was too short. It was actually a perfect arc, and the 6th and last episode was an amazing way to end the season, but I am starving for more.
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Also, did you notice the disgusting producer's name was Jack Hoffman?
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I heard about this show before the first season aired, but missed it until now, so thanks Stanczyk! The show deals with a number of uncomfortable topics but seems to treat them all of them with respect and intelligence and humanity.

I found it interesting that one of the characters mentions to Tig, "I can't imagine a time that you were never not cool!" How apt.

Another interesting exchange was "We should move somewhere blue."/"But I like living here."

Ultimately, I really liked the interactions in the family.
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The main thing I didn't like about this season was, it had some scenes without Felicia in them. Hopefully this will be fixed in season 3.
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I am going to ship Felicia and Bill until the end of time.
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Holy shit. I had no idea. Louis, say it isn't so. What a disappointment.
posted by Stanczyk at 3:25 AM on September 15, 2017

I just sat down and watched the entirety of season 2. It was marvellous. I love how every angle of this show has found its perfect light. It was good at season one (and excellent by the sixth episode), but this was even better, while still being both hard hitting and hilarious. I'm in awe.
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Holy crap, Amazon has been trying to get me to watch this since the first season came out and I just caved and ended up watching both seasons over two days. I love everything about this- it's smart and decent and funny and lovely in a perfect, unassuming way.
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