Gilmore Girls rewatch?
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In honor of GG being on Netflix, who's in for a rewatch of our favorite mother/daughter dialogue juggernauts?

I own the DVDs but would okay with whatever schedule works for folks watching it for the first time, the third time, or the bajillionth time!
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I'm pretty much always down for more GG. I was watching along with the AV Club when they had it in classic, and then mainlined the rest when AV Club dropped it like it never existed. (I have DVDs too.) All seven seasons, which I'm aware not everyone believes in.
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Also, I totally want to do recaps in the Gilmore's Donna Reed summation style:

"This is the episode where Rory goes to a party and nothing happens!"

"This is the one where Paris has a wake and nothing happens!"
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I'd be game for something like this. Gilmore Girls was my first TV love affair.
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I have seen only up til when Rory goes to college (on DVD, full concentration) but ran into some college-era episodes on TV at the laundromat or while staying with my parents, so I don't really know how it ends.

I've been meaning to do a rewatch plus finish, so I would love to participate! I haven't watched in years and my standout memory is when one episode opens with Lane running to the Gilmore house, shrieking, "The new XTC CD is out!" So, love forever.

Also, Forever Young Adult just finished their Gg rewatch project, complete with drinking game!
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Another owner of all seven seasons here. If you do a rewatch, I will watch too and probably not comment except maybe once or twice.
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I'd definitely be up for this.
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I'd definitely be up for this, I have always wanted to watch Gilmore Girls.
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I just did a re-watch of my own not too long ago, but it's still probably fresh enough that I can chime in with comments every so often.
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I would love this.
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All right, well, shall we kick it off next Monday? And if so, do we label it Rewatch/First Time or....? I want everyone to be able to participate!
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My username is from a Grant Lee Buffalo song -- I heard years ago that the singer is one of the wandering troubadours on this show? I would be happy to use this discussion as an excuse to watch GG for the first time and see what that's all about.

I don't care about being spoiled at all, so if I'm the only First Timer about, please feel free to do a Rewatch!
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I guessed that a long time ago, divined by radio. I wrote a short story years ago about Jupiter & Teardrop! :)
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I'd be happy to do it either way. While I'm interested in the relationships on the show (romantic, friend, family), I'm fine focusing on where people are right then.

Next Monday sounds good. How often would people like? As one of my comfort-food shows, I'm able to watch far more episodes of this per week than I should...
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Twice a week is a pretty good pattern and lets people catch up on weekends.
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How about book-ending the week? Mondays & Fridays?
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I'd be into this. I've been determinedly pacing myself at only one episode a day, but I can force myself to do less. I am currently getting my apartment ready to be a cozy Gilmore Girls watching winter oasis. I've been waiting for it to get on Netflix forever. They used to have them for free on the WB site for years then took them off a couple of years ago and since I've been Gilmore Girls deprived. I may at some point this winter rewatch Twin Peaks as well. It would be cool to do that somewhat overlapping.
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Also, sorry but how does this work? We all watch it at a specified time and then come online to discuss it?? If so, I think Thursdays might work better for me than Fridays. But Mondays are good.
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We all watch it at a specified time and then come online to discuss it??

No, someone just makes a FanFare post for an episode and then we discuss it whenever we want. See The West Wing.
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I like Mondays and Fridays. Kitteh, do you want to make most posts or have more help?
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I would absolutely love some help as I tend to be forgetful at times!
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Ooooh! My spouse and I started watching this (for the first time) last week (due to the FPP) and I would love to play along.
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I just sent in the show suggestion so hopefully there will be a post for the first episode by tonight!
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You know, Gilmore Girls would lead quite nicely into a Friday Night Lights rewatch...
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