Manhattan Love Story: Pilot
September 30, 2014 11:52 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Yes, yes, yes -- "If I'm honest, it's half the reason I married her" -- "If you smash your phone, the internet disappears" -- New record -- Hip, ironic distance -- Number 72 -- Awarded for mediocrity
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I wanted to like this more than I actually ended up liking it. I like the form and the setup, and even though we don't really need Yet Another Show About How Great New York City Is, I think they pulled it off well enough.

My spouse said, "I don't want any of these characters to find love, up to and including New York City."
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There was a lot of casual homophobia tossed around in the pilot, by a lot of really unlikeable characters. There was one person I liked, who seemed interesting, but I doubt that the person who works in the same office as the award making brothers is going to get a lot of screentime.

The schtick of the show seems to be that we know what the two main characters are really thinking, but both of them seem to say most of what they are thinking out loud, within seconds of thinking it. So even if there was a neat reason to be inside some characters heads, I don't think it needs to be these ones.

I don't think I'm even going to watch the next episode; I can't really see any show I want to watch come out of this.
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Manhattan Love Story? In what universe would any of these characters live in Manhattan? 1985?

Why doesn't anyone produce a love letter to L.A.? It'd be cheaper to shoot.
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Why doesn't anyone produce a love letter to L.A.? It'd be cheaper to shoot.

It would also be seven minutes of plot and fifteen minutes of driving every week.
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You know, I didn't like the plot or the characters too much, but I watched a lot of "America's Next Top Model," and I have to root for Analeigh Tipton, because she is the best thing to ever come out of that show.
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I started watching this but ditched after 10 minutes. Awful.
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