Person of Interest: Nautilus
October 1, 2014 10:24 AM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Finch must decide if he can help a brilliant college student engaged in a life-and-death scavenger hunt without alerting Samaritan.

Despite himself, Finch is brought back to working with the Team. Reminded of his philosophy by Root, no less - that people have free will and need to choose - Finch makes his best pitch to Claire to walk away from Samaritan, the entity behind the game she is playing. She chooses otherwise, and Samaritan gains an asset.

But the Machine team is back in business as Finch makes his own choice and brings Shaw and Reese to the team's new headquarters.
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Have not seen either episode yet but perhaps I can contribute some future episode spoilers? Torrid love scene between Root and Shaw? Oh sorry, let's discuss the singularity in the media. Will there even be media post-singularity?
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I felt bad after the first episode when Finch went underground and the first thing I thought was that it seemed cheesy and like something out of Ninja Turtles. I don't feel bad now because they used an abandoned subway station as the headquarters in the second TMNT movie.

That aside, I liked this episode and like where this season is going where they don't just have unlimited money and weapons. The overall story arc is good and they leave themselves room to have more traditional episodes where they are trying to solve the mystery and save someone's life. Reese is flashing his badge a little too often to get out of trouble, but that's not a big complaint. Samaritan building it's own army should lead to something fun.
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"where I'm like holding an iron to her, and we were like, "How did this turn into a flirty sexual thing?""

That about sums it up - there's a constant threat of something happening between those two, and since the physical violence seems to be off the table...
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The AV Club recap
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The puzzle in this episode is based on the Cicada 3301 puzzle/AR game.
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