Ghosted: Pilot
October 1, 2017 6:29 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A key member of a top secret government agency goes missing, so cynical former detective Leroy and genius "true believer" Max are recruited to find him. The two polar opposites must work together to find the agent, while uncovering possible alien activity and chilling "unexplained" paranormal events in their own city of Los Angeles.
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I thought this was a fun pilot -- I'm intrigued by the mystery of how Checkers knows Leroy & Max, presumably time travel will be involved.
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This is definitely a show I'm excited about becuase I think there's some potential and really enjoy Craig Robinson and Adam Scott, more than I loved the pilot. Pilot's are generally never the best representation so I'm hoping it gels a little bit more, but if it doesn't I'll watch it.
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I thought this was pretty bad. Really, really flat, and what few jokes there were didn't land at all.
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I saw this on Twitter maybe a week ago and mostly liked it. I think it suffers a lot from being a pilot and needing to lay groundwork that future episodes can take for granted.
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The trailers for this one amused me. I like Adam Scott, though I've somehow never managed to see Craig Robinson in anything except The Cleveland Show.

I haven't watched this yet, but I'll have to give it a try. It seems like it could provide some decent comedy junk food.
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This was a really fun show. We enjoyed it a lot. They packed a lot of info into a half hour episode, and it was funny.
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From the early descriptions It sounded more like a spoof of supernatural "reality" shows, but I'm ok with this too. Adam Scott and Craig Robinson work well together (truth be told, Craig Robinson is usually good enough on his own on everything I've seen of him) and a goofier Fringe/X-Files is never a bad thing.
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I have goodwill for Adam Scott and Craig Robinson (the Pontiac Bandit!) but I thought this pilot was terrible. Partly because it was not funny and partly because the alien/sci fi stuff (like the guy who could take his head off?) was '50s B movie stupid, and partly because the premise ended up utterly unconvincing.

I liked the car getting zapped and floating a la Repo Man, though.
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The car coming to a slow stop contrasted with the sound of screeching tires is the only thing that made me laugh and I'm pretty sure that was unintentional.
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I found this quite amusing. I'll definitely watch the next episode, but I can't really tell from this if the show will be any good long term.
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Wasn't quite expecting to, but I enjoyed it.

The oddcouple of a world-weary practical ex-cop and air-headed theoreticist (theoretical scientist) was a lot more respectfully done than these kinds of outcouples have been done.

In particular, I liked the authenticity of Max saying "screw getting a job back at Standford the bookstore, this shit is real?! I want in!"
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