Special Event: MLB baseball playoffs 2017: American and National Leagues
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The MLB playoffs are here! Schedule: MLB, ESPN
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Jose Altuve’s 3 home runs in ALDS game 1 traveled 399, 402, and 415 feet. That total of 1216 feet is 224.5 Altuves.
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Altuve was something else. I wonder if he still stay hot.

I don't subscribe to anything that would let me watch the TV broadcasts but I did catch a few different radio broadcasts. John Sterling for the Yankees was horrible (apparently a commonly held opinion) so I switched to the Cleveland broadcast which was good, as was Houston's earlier. Of course, living in DC, I prefer Dave and Charlie for the Nationals.

I have tickets to all of the home Nationals playoff games and it would be nice for them to advance out of the division series for once.
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I was utterly astonished to hear Chris Berman doing play-by-play on ESPN radio for the Astros-Red Sox game. Also, it sounded like he was broadcasting from a subway tunnel or something, because the continuous crowd noise was about 90% as loud as he was.
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I just want to shout out Byron Buxton, who made an amazing catch during the Twins-Yankees game, and then got subbed out in the 3rd.
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Glad to hear Joe "The Next Vin Scully" Davis do the Fox broadcasts. He said he'd not going to do it, but if the Dodgers get to the WS I hope the actual Vin Scully will come out of retirement and call a few innings. Vin is Johnny Carson of baseball when it comes to being retired.
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Wow, Red Sox look shell-shocked.
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Just caught Lindor's grand slam in the sixth in ALDS game two. That's a moment.
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Well, Cubs Game 3 was a rollercoaster.
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Who’s ready for Cubs-Nats Game 4?! (Or am I the only NL fan?)
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Jon Lester just picked off a runner! This is surely the most alternate of timelines!
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Well, I had been ready to root for Cleveland since my uncle Hank, who was a lifelong Cleveland fan, passed away in August.

But I've been specifically a Tanaka fan since I watched him turn in that astonishing season for the Rakuten Eagles a year after the earthquake, complete with highly questionable but intensely dramatic management decisions during the Japan Series by Eagles manager Senichi Hoshino. It was the most amazing, emotional baseball I've ever seen.

So... I guess... Go Yankees? That just seems wrong.
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My wife can claim that my trying to reverse jinx Michael A Taylor by explaining to her how I never believed in him doesn't make sense because I was watching the game delayed and the at-bat had already happened, but she can't deny it worked.
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I'll be at the game tonight!!!
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Search your feelings, mwhybark! You know it to be true!
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> So... I guess... Go Yankees? That just seems wrong.

Don't succumb! The Yankees are E̶͓̣T̡̩͖̱̤͚͠ͅÉ̗͚̬̗͉͖̻̻͠͝R̷̡̬̰̻͈͕͈̝͓̀N̳̝͝͠A̹̺͍͈̫͙͘ͅL̡̤̰̤̞̲̜̕ ̶̤̘͓͇̩̹E̲̖͙̻̟V̸͖̭̖̟͇͘I̶̬̖̥͕̫͘͞L̡͔̙̮̜̘̹͇͙̕!

And I will never accept the Astros as an AL team. I have nobody to root for. (Though I guess I'll support the Cubs if they can manage to beat the fucking Nationals tonight.)
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Why the hate languagehat? It's bad enough that our city is used a metonym for the shitheel politicians the states send here while we have no representation ourselves, that fans of the visiting teams are always a disproportionate share of the attendees because so many people here are short-termers who plan to move away without putting down roots, and that we haven't had a major sports championship in decades. I can understand despising the Yankees, but c'mon!
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The Astros are not exactly hated out here in the ALW - they're more like an alien invader, especially given how effective they have been for the past two years. This year especially, the rest of the division was pretty tight all year... but clumped up around .500, while the Astros were out near .700 for the majority of the year.

The Astros would be the first team ever to appear in the Series as both a National and and American League team. They lost their only prior appearance in a four-game sweep by the White Sox in 2005. The Nationals, like my Mariners, have never appeared in the World Series.
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Tanaka enters the game in late relief at home in the 2013 Japan Series.

"Japanese right-hander Masahiro Tanaka became internationally known with a dominant 2013 for the Rakuten Golden Eagles. The 25-year-old went 24-0 with 1.24 ERA in the regular season, helping his club to its first-ever Japan Series appearance and prompting speculation that he will land in the Major Leagues as soon as 2014.
On Saturday, Tanaka lost in a 160-pitch Game 6 outing that snapped his winning streak. Then, on Sunday — one day after throwing 160 pitches — Tanaka returned to the mound to close out Game 7."

This was Sunday night, November 3, 2013. The Eagles play in Sendai, the capitol of Miyagi prefecture, just north of the location the Fukushima nuclear plant and a city that was heavily damaged by the 2012 earthquake. The Eagles' stadium was damaged by the quake and the team did not play there for most (or all? I forget) of 2012. The weather that night was freezing cold and rainy, which you can see in the video. Hoshino's call to use Tanaka in relief is without reasonable justification - among other things, Tanaka hadn't thrown in relief since he was in high school - but HOLY SHIT was it electrifying. I could hardly watch the appearance because I was bawling like a child. I was watching via a pirated NBP stream on my phone in bed and woke my rather tolerant wife up.
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> Why the hate languagehat?

I am a Mets fan. Nuff said? Nothing against Washington—I grew up a Senators fan in the '50s (and my fandom followed them to Minnesota in '61)—but the Washington team is the Senators and it's in the AL. Where it can't squash my Metsies into the dirt unless they meet in the Series.
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Here's the whole inning. He's not sharp and ends up with a man on first and a man on third, two outs. Come in at about 10:30.
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The teams that are left:
LA Dodgers: the first World Series I ever watched, the Dodgers won it in 1988. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but they haven’t been back since. Probably the favorites, or at least they would be if it hadn’t gone to hell for them late in the season...and last playoffs...and before that.
Chicago Cubs: Lovable losers was SO LAST CENTURY. Kinda underachieved, except they still played really well. That said, as somebody with Arrieta and Lester on some of my fantasy teams, they definitely underachieved. Gotta win tonight.
Washington Nationals: Les Expos. Never been to the World Series in their entire history (since 1969). They aren’t really an underdog, these days. Strasburg, Scherzer, Bauer are all lights-out and Bryce Harper is back. It all comes down to tonight.
NL Summary: if the Nationals win, either they or the Dodgers finally stop disappointing and play in the World Series. So I think the frustrating Cubs win.

Houston Astros: Joined the NL in 1962. Have won zero World Series games. Got swept by the accursed White Sox in a close 2005 Series. Got realigned to the AL West in 2013 when the new owner bought the team, because Bud Selig had already moved his Brewers to the AL in 1998 and is a major-league asshole. Traded for Justin Verlander in the middle of a hurricane. Beat the Yankees in the wild card game 2 years ago, the last time they were in the playoffs. YOUR RIGHTEOUS CHOICE.
NY Yankees: The only hat worse than a MAGA hat. Just no.

Prediction: Yankees over Cubs. WE ARE SO DOOMED.
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Very well languagehat, I understand now.

I'm headed to Nats Park momentarily. Regardless of the outcome, I know tomorrow I will be hoarse as fuck. Also please enjoy this video.
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Exogenous, have a great time!!
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> Very well languagehat, I understand now.

Thanks for understanding, and I hope your team wins for you, even though it will make me bilious!
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Can we get rid of the white guy on TBS pregame?
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Omg y'all
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gosh, that was nuts

what does Wade Davis, hurler, think of Wade Davis, ethnobotanist, and vicey-versy?

Condolences, Nats fans. What a weird game.
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Did anyone else catch the weird post-game banter where Jimmy Rollins kept talking about how the stress of an elimination game can give a player "poopy pants"?

For real, he said "poopy pants" maybe 8x in 2 minutes.
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Wow. Here's the Nats half of the fifth inning; I recommend it to connoisseurs of baseball weirdness, but do not watch if you are a Nationals fan. It will only revive your suffering.
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Yeah that was possibly weirdest but most exciting baseball game I've ever seen. And a long one too, as I wasn't home until 1:30 am and I live fairly close to the stadium (though it was shorter than the 18 inning loss in the playoffs to the Giants where, yes, I stayed for the whole game).

The mood at the ballpark after the game seemed more resigned than after similar losses. Despite things looking good for the Nationals this year, the loss seemed somehow inevitable. I appreciate the kind words from folks here and I look forward to having more time to do non-baseball-watching stuff this month. Maybe I'll catch a little of the World Series on TV.
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> Maybe I'll catch a little of the World Series on TV.

Yeah, I can never resist the Series. Even in '88, when I was so bitter about the Mets losing to the Dodgers in the playoffs (I was at the crucial game when Davey left Doc in too long... ah, don't get me started) that I swore off any further postseason exposure and went out with friends during Game 1, but I couldn't resist holding my radio up to my ear just in time for this ("I don't believe what I just saw!!"). Ah, baseball, you break my heart and suck me back in every time!

Also, fuck the Dodgers.
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Well, goddammit...
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That’s a little more like it!
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What a terrible call. I mean, no effective output, but WTF.
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I cannot even watch right now. I don't have the cardiac health. I just let the GameDay live thing run on my phone and I look over at that and then watch the video highlights that come through the MLB AtBat app.
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Dodgers-Yankees is maybe the least appealing possible World Series combo this year. I like many of their players and I don't hate either team the way I used to, but having $437.5MM in payroll at odds and two opposite time zone teams who've each already won many times before seems way less fun than say, the Indians or Astros vs. the Nationals.
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Yeah, I am much more relaxed since the Nats were eliminated. I did have a little urge this morning to quickly check my phone to see if the Cubs stayed alive last night, but the urge passed :-) Plus I appreciate the newfound extra time in my life to do things like take down the backyard garden for winter and plant our nitrogen-fixing cover crop with the funny name, hairy vetch.

Agreed on the lack of appeal of a Dodgers/Yankees series.
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> Dodgers-Yankees is maybe the least appealing possible World Series combo this year.

"Maybe"? It wins hands down. I'm pretty sure I'll manage to avoid watching it in that case. I hate both teams so much I can't even go into my usual root-for-the-NL-team mode. Come on, Cubbies, pull off the improbable string of victories!
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There is no joy in Mudville.
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Help us Justin Verlander, you’re our only hope!
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C'mon Astros! Altuve will lead the way!
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Astros win! Astros win!

It’s kinda wild to think of an Astros-Dodgers World Series. They used to play each other all the time in Ye Olde NL West days.
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Woooooooo Astros!

I'm on the Astros train for this series, who are other people rooting for?
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Well, as there's no American League team, I'm out.
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Astros train, baby! I'll just pretend they're still in the NL.
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I'm taking the Dodgers for Chase Utley, and also because I want Yasiel Puig to celebrate with cartwheels and selfies in front of Brian McCann. I'm still not over McCann's fun-police antics, even though that was like three teams ago for him.
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Nice quick game. Joe Buck was less annoying than I expected, so in that sense we all win.
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I have to say, as much as I dislike the Dodgers, Kershaw deserved to win that game. A superb pitcher at the top of his form. (And my wife reminded me that she's a Dodgers fan from their Brooklyn/Jackie Robinson days, so I can't be too upset if they win since it will give her mild pleasure even though she's not much of a baseball fan.)
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The expression on George Springer's face when he struck out in the top of the ninth was just disbelief. I've not seen Jansen pitch much, but he was great. And, bless a World Series game that ends well before 11 p.m. EST.
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I finally got around to posting the World Series thread, sorry I didn't do it last night!
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