Legends of Tomorrow: Aruba-Con
October 10, 2017 8:59 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The Legends are relieved of duty by the Time Bureau when they break the timeline, as Season 3 begins. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar is spotted in Aruba, and Sara, Nate and Ray devise a plan to steal the Waverider back from the Time Bureau to stop Julius Caesar from conquering the modern world.
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Man, I missed these guys. This episode was not what I was expecting - I thought there'd be some dinosaur fightin' - but Rip Hunter as head of his own stuffy, MIB-style agency was a pretty good twist. I had a lot more fun watching this than The Flash or Supergirl.

Stuff that about killed me:
Nate: The point is, sometimes we mess stuff up for the better.
Sarah: That's a good motto. We should use that.

Mick: Your salad sucks!

Time Cop: I gotta say, Miss Lance, now that I've seen your team in action? You're even worse than I imagined.
Sarah: You're welcome!

Looking forward to the next one already.
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I didn't like the comedy of Sara & Ray having ridiculously miserable jobs - made sense in the Doom World universe, but, the idea that those two could find nothing even vaguely suitable for their skills? (I mean, I know they can't have Sara interacting with Arrow characters since they're all on Shroedinger's Lian Yu until the premiere and if she landed anywhere in last season's timeline it would interfere with continuity, but I can't think of any character reason she wouldn't go back to check on her father and pitch in with team Arrow. And is Ray officially back from the dead?)

I didn't like Time Bureau Rip much, Amnesiac-Film-Student-Rip will always be my favorite flavor, but Rory versus Caesar was pretty fun, and now that we've got the season set-up out of the way I'm hopeful that things will pick up.
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That techbro stated that Ray shouldn't have let a woman run his company into the ground so I guess he's officially not dead.

I liked this, it was entertaining in a don't-think-too-hard way (like, even more than most CW comic book shows, because time-travel), but at least they try to pay attention to details.
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I don't know what message the casting people were trying to send, but female time cop looks an awful lot like the Supergirl actress aged up a bit, and I don't recall if this episode's King Arthur was played by the same actor who previously portrayed him in this show, but something about him screamed Stephen Amell to me. Are they bringing in dopplegangers for the whole DCCW universe?

I guess the episode did what it needed to do: (re)introduce the characters and powers to viewers, set the stage and drop a few hints as to what is to come. I didn't love it, as mentioned upthread certain things felt a bit off, but I'm hoping that this season turns out to be as good as the last one.
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Same guy for King Arthur in both episodes! I recognized him, but checked imdb to be sure.
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This show is my favorite of the CWs now. It’s so much better since they stopped taking themselves seriously. (What a better show Flash would be if it wasn’t a shitty drama where the only plot is who is keeping a secret this week.)

It’s all about Caity/Ms Lance. She makes the show. Her and Mick. It’s awesome that they had her folding towels.

Speaking of getting the band back together, can’t we get Snart back on the show?
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