The Wheel of Schlock

Netflix has a lot of stupid, low rent, schlocky movies. The goal of this club is to watch them randomly on a biweekly basis. The discussion thread is here if you'd like to throw a title into the mix. First discussion happens June 22, and continues every other week from there.

Posts for this club should be tagged: thewheelofschlock_club.

June 23

Movie: Killer's Moon

TALES FROM THE WHEEL OF SCHLOCK... In this instalment, we find a truly deplorable exploitation film that figures on two outdoor enthusiasts, a busload of British schoolgirls waylaid on a trip to a singing competition, and four Kubrick inspired escaped mental patients who of course have been dosed with LSD and told that they're in a waking dream. I mean, why not. (Warning: The film contains scenes of sexual violence) [more inside]
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