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The story and life of a black woman, her work, her family as well as her popular talk show which she hosts.

Being Mary Jane: Girls Night In  Season 1, Episode 2

"The affair between Mary Jane and Andre develops a strain on his marriage. Mary Jane ponders about her future -- and if it should include Andre. Meanwhile, Kara and Mary Jane are faced with creative differences when Kara decides to revamp Mark's show. A woman from Paul, Sr.'s past makes an attempt to move in on him after learning about Helen's health condition." Wikipedia
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Being Mary Jane: Storm Advisory  Season 1, Episode 1

This is the pilot episode of Being Mary Jane that followed up on the successful tv movie pilot (considered Episode 0 by Wikipedia). The episode follows up on events from that pilot film, but also recaps things well in case you haven't seen it: "Mary Jane Paul—all dimples and curves—is the daughter of a wealthy airline executive. She’s the star of “Talk Back with Mary Jane Paul,” a show that resembles Melissa Harris-Perry’s: it’s a mix of hard news and life-style pieces, and it has turned Mary Jane into a role model for other black women. Her home life, naturally, is a wreck." [more inside]
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