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A publicist is adept at keeping her client's lives appearing in perfect order, while her own falls to pieces.

Flack: Brooke  Season 1, Episode 4

PR guru Robyn has to come to the aid of Brooke, the founder of an organic cosmetics company.
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Flack: Dan  Season 1, Episode 3

Robyn has to get a stand-up comic out of a hole.
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Flack: Summer  Season 1, Episode 2

Robyn tries to distract the press from the fact her client is being dropped by her record label by leaking a fake lesbian sex tape. [more inside]
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Flack: Anthony  Season 1, Episode 1

Robyn is a flack: a PR, who promotes, publicises and protects her clients. It's her job to fix other people's lives, despite the fact she is incapable of fixing her own.
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