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A nameless cannabis delivery guy delivers his much-needed medication to stressed-out New Yorkers.


High Maintenance: Soup  Season 4, Episode 9

Season Finale. When a snowstorm hits on Christmas eve, Pam-Anne joins her sister Destiny and a motley crew of flight attendants at their usual crash pad in Queens. Delayed on his way home to spend the holidays with his family, The Guy celebrates Hanukkah in New York.
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High Maintenance: Adelante  Season 4, Episode 6

Two characters from the show's past are reunited. A woman living a life of quiet desperation treats herself. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Screen  Season 4, Episode 5

An enterprising teenager hangs out with his cousin; The Guy hangs out with an old friend and others.
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High Maintenance: Backflash  Season 4, Episode 4

Sisters deal with an untimely death; a bickering couple renegotiates their relationship. AKA the one with the lighter.
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High Maintenance: Voir Dire  Season 4, Episode 3

When The Guy and his eclectic jury duty group head to a karaoke bar to mark the end of their civic service, Keesha and Roman, the youngest members of the crew, run into trouble. While exploring a side hustle with her friend Violet, Freddie encounters someone from her past. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Trick  Season 4, Episode 2

The Guy delivers to a man looking for a connection who hires an escort for the night. Intimacy coordinator Kym bonds on set with a familiar face. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Cycles  Season 4, Episode 1

Season Premiere: The Guy finds a lost canine; a reporter pitches a story about her parents' marriage and inadvertently strains her own relationship when her boyfriend visits for their anniversary weekend; a singing telegram in a bad mood looks for some relief.
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High Maintenance: M.A.S.H  Season 3, Episode 1

While spending time away from the city in his RV, the Guy gets upsetting news but makes an intriguing new connection; Cori tries to adjust to a new reality without her friend. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Steve (Season Finale)  Season 2, Episode 10

Like the first episode of the season, the city is brought together by a big event, this time the eclipse. Two couples head to the park and make new friends. The Guy says some goodbyes and attempts to make a few life changes. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Googie  Season 2, Episode 6

A potential partner, Abdullah, takes over The Guy's weed route while The Guy attempts to take some time off.
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High Maintenance: Scromple  Season 2, Episode 5

The Guy tries to de-stress when he ends up in an uncomfortable situation. A freelance brand strategist struggling with her latest assignment embarks on a desperate search for a weed fix. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Fagin  Season 2, Episode 2

A couple visiting their daughter in Bushwick embraces their urban surroundings while dealing with a less-than-ideal rental that comes with an unwelcome roommate. The Guy delivers to Brenna and Molly's all-female, politically-minded meetup, where things get dramatic fast. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Globo  Season 2, Episode 1

Season Two Premiere. The Guy has a busier-than-usual day as New Yorkers react to some world-changing news. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Selfie  Season 7, Episode 5

An aspiring writer convinces The Guy to sit down for a one-on-one interview; a former customer enlists The Guy's help when she is confronted by her past. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Tick  Season 7, Episode 4

Aging parents navigate their son's recent success and new lifestyle; The Guy delivers to a retired man who lives downstairs from his neurotic daughter and her family. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Grandpa  Season 7, Episode 3

Culture shock takes its toll on Chase and his sensitive dog Gatsby after moving from the Midwest to Queens. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Museebat  Season 7, Episode 2

A young girl, who lives with her aunt and uncle in Brooklyn, struggles to be a normal college student; The Guy delivers to a jaded couple who are throwing an intimate birthday gathering. [more inside]
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High Maintenance: Meth(od)  Season 7, Episode 1

In two parts: 1) The Guy makes an uncomfortable delivery to a macho client and his friend. 2) Max and Lainey's co-dependent relationship begins to wane after Max spends time with a new group of friends. [more inside]
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