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A medical student finds that being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police.


iZombie: Virtual Reality Bites  Season 1, Episode 6

Liv, Clive and Ravi work together to investigate the murder of a computer-hacker. Liv inherits intense agoraphobia after consuming his brains along with mad skills at computer gaming. This delights Ravi, who urges her to play and offers to help her from inside the game, as they continue to search for the killer.
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iZombie: Flight of the Living Dead  Season 1, Episode 5

Liv reluctantly eats the brains of her recently murdered sorority sister Holly to help gain insight into her murder. This case takes Liv and Clive into Holly’s world of extreme sporting where they meet professional snowboarder Carson McComb, a murder suspect who appears to be hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Liv has a strange connection with one of the other murder suspects and Major voices his concern to Clive over a young boy’s disappearance.
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iZombie: Liv and Let Clive  Season 1, Episode 4

When Clive identifies a John Doe in the morgue as one of his former criminal contacts from his days on the vice squad, Liv is surprised that Clive is so quick to refuse her help in solving the murder. Liv and Ravi investigate on their own which puts them in a precarious situation. Liv’s problems continue to mount when Major begins searching for a roommate and she believes he’s considering a cute co-ed.
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iZombie: The Exterminator  Season 1, Episode 3

Liv and Babineaux investigate a hit-and-run case and discover the victim was a hit man responsible for the murder of a tech entrepreneur, a case that Peyton is prosecuting. Meanwhile, Liv makes a surprising discovery about someone from her past; and Peyton is shocked by Liv's reaction when Major moves on with his life.
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iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare A Brain?  Season 1, Episode 2

Liv investigates the death of a very passionate artist and searches for the male zombie she saw in a vision.
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iZombie: Pilot  Season 1, Episode 1

Six months ago, Olivia Moore was a kickass medical student, before she went to the worst party ever and woke up in a body bag as a zombie. Six months later she's hiding her condition, super depressed, and working in a morgue so she can get a hold of brains to eat. And then a detective comes to her looking for help...and the brain eating she just did of the most recent victim helps her see what was going on before the victim died. [more inside]
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