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4,000 years ago in a parallel universe, a group of unlikely antiheroes are forced to run from Shadow, a tyrannical demonic entity who rules the galaxy through his cult, after accidentally stealing his massively powerful starship Lexx.

Lexx: Super Nova  Season 1, Episode 2

Now in the Dark Zone after escaping His Divine Shadow, the crew of the Lexx decides to look for Brunnus, the original home world of the Brunnen-G, in hopes of extending Kai's un-life. [more inside]
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Lexx: I Worship His Shadow  Season 1, Episode 1

His Divine Shadow rules The Cluster with absolute power and an impenetrable bureaucracy, where even a minor infringement of the rules results in horrible punishment. This episodes opens with a futile attempt by the Brunen-G to stop His Divine Shadow. [more inside]
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