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LOVE/HATE is a gritty crime drama based on Dublin's criminal underworld. It depicts the drug addiction, squalor and violence of organised crime that has grown in post-boom Ireland.

Love/Hate: Episode 6  Season 5, Episode 6

Nidge is summoned back to Spain, where Terence demands a terrible price for his continued support, while Siobhan and Moynihan reach an unholy deal of their own.
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Love/Hate: Episode 4  Season 5, Episode 4

It's no small thing to take a man off this earth.
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Love/Hate: Episode 3  Season 5, Episode 3

Fran is banged up in prison but he and Nidge both still conspire to have each other killed, while Siobhan finds her dangerous drug fuelled double life is spiralling out of control.
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Love/Hate: Episode 2  Season 5, Episode 2

With Pauley's help, Nidge is back in business and arrangements are made for the first shipment under the new deal. Meanwhile Moynihan wrestles with a labyrinthine Garda bureaucracy.
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Love/Hate: Episode 1  Season 5, Episode 1

After almost losing everything to DI Moynihan's sting operation, Nidge travels to Spain to negotiate with wholesale supplier Terence May for a new drugs shipment. Meanwhile in Dublin his enemies are closing in. [more inside]
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