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The bizarre animated escapades of pseudo-heroic scientist Dr. Rusty Venture, his competent, high strung bodyguard, and his two over-enthusiastic sons.

The Venture Bros.: Red Means Stop  Season 6, Episode 8

In order to destroy the Blue Morpho, the Guild joins forces with the OSI to conduct a sting operation using Dr. Venture's next arch, the supernatural assassin Red Death, as bait. [Season Finale]
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The Venture Bros.: A Party For Tarzan  Season 6, Episode 7

The Guild targets Dr. Venture for assassination, which ruins a party thrown for his fancy new friend. Dr Venture steals a suit from Enzo's. We find out about the Guild level system and everybody has flashbacks.
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The Venture Bros.: It Happening One Night  Season 6, Episode 6

A team of avant-garde supervillains known as "The Doom Factory" get an opportunity to arch Dr. Venture, and announce their attack to take place on the same night as Hank's date with Sirena, which he planned with the help of Dean. Meanwhile, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch struggles to convince the rest of the Council that Dr. Venture is the Blue Morpho.
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The Venture Bros.: Tanks for Nuthin'  Season 6, Episode 5

Dr. Mrs. the Monarch investigates the death of Harangutan, Brock begins a relationship with Warriana, Harangutan's widow, Battleaxe, grieves, Dr Venture gets a new arch, and the Blue Morpho and Kato go to get the Morphomobile out of the impound lot.
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The Venture Bros.: Rapacity In Blue  Season 6, Episode 4

Doc learns he has an invitation to a tech convention in 3 days and he pushes Billy and Pete to whip up something big, #21 pushes The Monarch to embrace the opportunities passed to him by his father, and Hank pushes everyone for information on what to do on a date.
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The Venture Bros.: Faking Miracles  Season 6, Episode 3

Doc Venture, Billy Quizboy and Pete White start digging through J.J.'s old files to find some futuristic (and non-militaristic) tech to get VenTech going again, when they come across something that gives Dean a boost, and Hank gets a job at a pizza restaurant. Meanwhile, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is having a bad night as The Monarch isn't taking a Guild social event seriously, which makes her look bad with her colleagues.
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The Venture Bros.: Maybe No Go  Season 6, Episode 2

The Monarch tries to get back in the game (and so do Billy Quizboy and Pete White), Brock and Sergeant Hatred make do with what little they have, Wide Wale gets a surprise or two, and Rusty tries to deal with the realities of running a public company with the help of The Pirate and his boys.
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The Venture Bros.: Hostile Makeover  Season 6, Episode 1

The Ventures relocate to New York City after Rusty inherits Jonas Jr.'s entire fortune and commercial enterprise. It's appropriate that the episode is spurred by newfound wealth, because the entire thing is solid gold. [more inside]
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The Venture Bros.: All This And Gargantua-2  Season 6, Episode 1

The one-hour special that kicks off the long-awaited season 6 of The Venture Brothers! Everyone shows up on J.J.'s swanky new space station, Gargantua-2. But there are a lot of old scores to settle...
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