The Venture Bros.: Rapacity In Blue
February 22, 2016 7:06 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Doc learns he has an invitation to a tech convention in 3 days and he pushes Billy and Pete to whip up something big, #21 pushes The Monarch to embrace the opportunities passed to him by his father, and Hank pushes everyone for information on what to do on a date.
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Reading the thread from last week, GuyZero's comment looks to be right on the money.
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Not quite up to last week's episode, but still great. Mostly a lot of great moments in this one rather than a coherent whole.

The Monarch and Gary dancing was great, its going to be interesting to see where His relationship with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch goes, I expect a lot of drama out of that one.

Brock and Warriana are going to have the craziest, best sex ever.

I really want to see both Hank's date and Dean actually going to class finally.

I wonder if there are going to be any permanent effects on Billy and Brock from the God Gas.

Someone needs to clip out the "Intro" of Blue Morpho and Kano and then the outfit alteration intro and put it on youtube so I can watch it over and over.

The mice, oh lord, the mice. I didn't know that seeing crucified mice was going to be a thing that I could never get out of my head, but, here we are.
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the mice stole the show this week, and while nothing happened, I think it will set up the plotlines for the rest of the season.
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The mice were interesting - they were the only ones who found religion. Human test subjects found various forms of truth - Haranguetan saw Billy and Doc as demons (they're scientists creating/supporting the creation of things like the God Gas), Billy saw the relationship between The Monarch and Doc, and Brock was able to embrace his lust and awe for Warriana.

Speaking of plot lines, I'm a bit surprised the "Robot Water" nanobots didn't show back up, but I guess they had the week off.
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Harangotang? Harangutan? Hilarious. All he does is taunt people.

Anyway this one was a little slow but full of great stuff. It seems like they're balancing out in favour of more plot arc vs just one-off gags.

And poor Hatred - all he does is get punched.

As for the whole Rusty vs the Monarch thing, I wonder how far back it goes? I was researching season 4 and it seems like the Monarch was already trying to kill Rusty back in college... I wonder if we'll see a relationship between them that goes farther back.

Finally the Monarch is terrible at the basic skill of getting around. I hope he gets that sweet ride back.
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I have to say as a NJ resident, I love the little touches this season about the Monarch being in Newark. Like the bit with the Lincoln Tunnel, the NJ Transit bus they take back, or the previous episode where they talking about taking the PATH train. VB gets the details better than anyone else.
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fings: Since Doc and Jackson live in NYC, I'd put money on one of them getting stuck in NJ at some point in the last hiatus, and not being able to let NJ Transit off the hook.
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Jackson Publick went to Rutgers. I'm sure he knows NJT from past personal experience.
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