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The Legend of Vox Machina: Shadows at the Gates | Fate's Journey | Spark of Rebellion  Season 1, Ep 4

After ruining Sovereign Uriel’s diplomatic dinner, Vox Machina is confined to their Keep under house arrest... [more inside]
posted by Karmakaze on Feb 4, 2022 - 11 comments

Dollhouse: Omega  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 12

Alpha has taken Echo. More secrets of the Dollhouse are revealed. Ballard must work with the Dollhouse to stop Alpha, if he wants to save Caroline. [more inside]
posted by Kyol on Nov 4, 2020 - 3 comments

Critical Role: Cinderbrush  Season 0, Ep 0

A Valentine’s Day one-shot episode in which Critical Role regulars Matt Mercer, Ashley Johnson and Taliesin Jaffe are joined by guests Ally Beardsley and Erika Ishii to play Monsterhearts, a tabletop roleplaying game about “the messy lives of teenage monsters”.
posted by Parasite Unseen on Feb 19, 2020 - 2 comments

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