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Lost: Born to Run  Rewatch   Season 1, Ep 22

Kate runs. [more inside]
posted by We had a deal, Kyle on Jun 12, 2023 - 2 comments

Movie: Kate

An assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies. (Netflix)
posted by curious nu on Sep 10, 2021 - 11 comments

The Windsors: Episode One  Season 1, Ep 1

Wills wants to pursue his dream of being an air ambulance pilot. Charles will have none of that. [more inside]
posted by fimbulvetr on Nov 18, 2019 - 0 comments

Movie: The Gospel According to André

From the segregated American South to the fashion capitals of the world, operatic fashion editor André Leon Talley's life and career are on full display, in a poignant portrait that includes appearances by Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Bethann Hardison, Valentino, and Manolo Blahnik.
posted by ellieBOA on Jun 9, 2019 - 2 comments

Star Trek: Voyager: The Killing Game  Rewatch   Season 4, Ep 18

Holodeck Nazis. …I hate Holodeck Nazis. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Oct 26, 2017 - 13 comments

Movie: Ghostbusters

Two friends discover that their ridiculed research into the paranormal is real, and together with two new friends, join together to combat a supernatural threat to New York City. [more inside]
posted by Brandon Blatcher on Jul 14, 2016 - 191 comments

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