Survivor: Gamechangers
March 9, 2017 10:39 PM - Season 34 (Full Season) - Subscribe

A diverse cast of previous survivors who could be considered "game changers" rendezvous in Fiji to duke it out.

This season introduces several alterations to the game format:

Idols this season are to be hidden by a variety of methods, and the process for resolving a tied vote is changed for this season, removing the second ballot where only non-tied castaways were allowed to vote between the tied castaways and proceeding directly to the procedure to resolve a deadlocked tie: an open deliberation between non-tied voters.
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Given the low but steady interest, I thought a whole-season post we can check in and out of might be better.

My own thoughts on ep 1:

Challenges are looking even better than before, I love that they're back in the water; "Game changer" is even more tenuous than the usual gimmicks; I was happy to see Ciera go (never really rated her play), and sad to see Tony go (he's so crazy, but he loves the game and plays big, I love that); Malcolm remains an absolute beast in challenges, whilst Michaela seems to have learnt little from her first go.

Who's your ep 1 pick to win? I'm going to go with Zeke, he was magnificent last season.

PS I have no memory whatsoever of the other Sierra... Who is she??
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I love the all-star seasons. I'm looking forward this season, but it would been even better if Tony had stuck around a little longer. I would love to see Sandra win a third time but think it's doubtful. It would have been smarter of her to keep Tony in the game a little longer, but he is unpredictable. I was never a big fan of Ciera either and thought she was a good first boot choice. The other Sierra was in Worlds Apart in the Blue Collar Tribe with Mike Holloway. She came in like 5th or something. I actually liked her her in that season and think she could do well this season because there are so many big threats people might overlook her. JT is still a fav of mine from Tocantins, so I would love to see him win and in the pre-season interviews it seems like people underestimate him as a threat.
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I feel so bad for Cirie, her jedi mind trick doesn't work when everyone's scared of it. I thought the only thing that could save her was a tribe switch and it does seem one is coming next week so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Sandra is another favourite but I'm worried she's playing too hard too early. Obviously the game's only double winner can't expect to go under the radar AGAIN but she is bringing it. I didn't understand her vote for Aubry though, any clue folks? It seemed to be insurance to keep herself in Tony's good graces if something went wrong but to my view it's going to affect Aubry if Tony goes, and if the group pulls something she's not aware of it will show them that she's a wildcard for not going with the planned vote OR the blindside.
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It was in case Tony had an immunity idol and voted for her. Solid play.
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just turned this on
haven't read the thread yet
have successfully avoided all cast spoilers
let me just say real quick

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Ouch. Has Sandra always been so mean to the people who were voted out?
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Yes, that's just Sandra. Two time winner Sandra. She's aggressive, combative, often openly hostile, a terrible liar, and everyone always ends up loving her.

She's my hero.
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I haven't watched enough seasons to make a real educated guess, but so far I like Malcolm and I can't help rooting for Aubrey, Caleb, and Mikaela again, although I'm not sure I'd bet on any of those three to last until the end.
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It's not that Michaela hasn't "learned" - - she knows she doesn't have a poker face, says she's going to try hard to mask her emotional responses and fails at doing so. I can relate!

I love her. Team Michaela. She doesn't have a chance.
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I liked the opener, looks like everyone is playing hard, including the producers by making it clear that they do not want ties. So we know there will be a tie at some point, since they mentioned.

As to Sandra winning two times, remember we're getting a fabricated version of what happenings, one that isn't design to show the truth, but entertaining.

I have no favorites at the moment, just don't want Sandra to win, heh.
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I would be ok with Sandra winning every season of Survivor, even the ones she's not on. That's how much I love Sandra.

What I'd really love is for Sandra and Michaela to become a power couple with Varner just always kind of nearby to do one of these things every time a shouting match breaks out.
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Am I the only person who doesn't remember everyone that's on this time around or what season they were on? It's like "You like familiar and maybe I liked your gameplay if you're who I'm thinking of, but can't swear it's actually you".
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Oh for sure. We're a good five seasons past the last time I had any chance of telling the manbuns apart.
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Haha, I have no idea who most of these people are! Like, I do remember Sandra from waaaaay back in Cook Islands, I think? And Cirie, and I remember really enjoying watching her. And Malcolm and Varner and JT are vaguely familiar, but I don't know why or where they played before or how long ago that would have been.
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I think Tai made a mistake tonight. In addition to Caleb's physical prowess, he would have been a delightful meat cushion in a vote against Tai - everyone would have gone for Caleb first.
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Plus Kari was mentally stronger, not someone you want to keep in the game. Vote the lawyers off as quickly as possible!
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I know most of these folks, but really only because I've watched many seasons of Survivor at least twice.

But there are some people, like Malcolm and like Andrea (??) who are still new enough that they're filling the "hot blonde" and "hot manbun" requisite Survivor archetypes, and I can't differentiate them in my memory from all of the other hot blonde/hot manbun people from the last several seasons. No idea whatsoever.

Troyzan I remember cause his name is dumb. Caleb only because his bromance with Tai and he almost died. Sierra because when her real eyebrows grew out over her tattooed ones it almost distracted me from what a misogynist pos her teammate Dan was. Nearly everyone else either has a more unique look or is a relatively oldschool player.
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I don't remember Caleb nearly dying and now that it's been mention, have only the faintest wisp of a half remembered memory about it. Deeply sorry I missed the real eyebrows growing out over fake ones.

Was worried that Sandra was gonna go a rampage about not killing the goat. Were it further in the season, she probably would have, just from hunger. Be really interesting to see how far she gets this season, but they haven't considered her as first out, not really, so she's got a sweet chance. The jury just might vote for her, just because.
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That baby goat was frigging adorable, and I'm kind of glad they didn't kill either of them. TBH it seemed kind of baffling when they had chickens there...
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Ty gives idol to Cerra and they all vote...Malcolm? WTF just happened?!
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Boooo, poor malcolm once again robbed of another chance through no fault of his own. That council was cray cray -
I would have stood up and said I'm voting for Sandra and let the others join in, they would have had a critical mass.

Bummer, so many others could have gone who would have added less to the game long run. I did like Varner's comment though.
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Oh man, when Varner missed the maze thing and the blue team lost, I almost died. Everyone I love the most in this game is on that blue team: Sandra, Varner, Michaela, Aubry. I love those four. Malcolm? I don't remember what season he was on to begin with and anyway the ubermensch super winner boys always bore me. I'm fine with this vote, plus tribal was totally nuts and that's always a delight.

Tai has 1000000% earned his spot on gamechangers, btw. He made huge moves in his first season, he's making huge moves again. I don't know that I like him all that much (certainly not on a season with Jeff HEARTEYESEMOJI Varner), but he absolutely deserves to be here and it's great to watch.
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Why didn't they eliminate Sandra? Who do you all think made the call for it to be Malcolm? Hali?
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I think they just wanted to take out a strong, well liked competitor when they had the chance to do so. Malcolm(b) is a powerhouse; not having him in challenges is going to cripple the team.

No one ever eliminates Sandra because Sandra is the best and I love her.
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