Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Kicks
October 12, 2017 6:42 AM - Season 5, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Official FOX synopsis: "Now that he’s officially back at the precinct and desperate to solve a real case, Jake finds a loophole to get out of his temporarily designated desk duty. Unfortunately, that loophole rests on his ability to pass an official evaluation performed by Holt. While Charles provides Jake with moral support, Terry and Amy help Rosa, who believes Pimento may be cheating on her."
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Is he gone? For good? Yay!

Sorry Jason Mantzoukas, I am sure you are a fine person, but Adrian Pimento was a bad character for this show for a lot of reasons.
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Holt saying "I respect that" and shaking Jake's hand at the end... That got me all teary eyed.
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Sorry Jason Mantzoukas, I am sure you are a fine person, but Adrian Pimento was a bad character for this show for a lot of reasons.

Hey nong man? I enjoyed Pimento as sort of a parodic dark mirror of Jake's own undercover dabblings, and I think he was used sparingly enough to not turn the whole show. It probably helps that I've gotten to know Mantzoukas through his frequent podcast appearances, and have really warmed to his brand of off-the-wall scumbaggery, but to each their own.

Speaking of darkness, I've been enjoying how the tone over the last few eps has shifted to something with more serious underpinnings behind the kooky hijinks. Jake's conversation with Holt at the end really keyed in on the themes and overall arc that keep me coming back to this show: Jake's journey towards becoming a responsible adult in addition to being a great detective, and Holt discovering the fire and passion of his younger days through his interactions with Jake.
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Yeah, I'm not going to miss Adrian. I'm sure his actor is a nice guy, but he was played out a while ago.
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I felt Adrian was bringing back Jake's irritating manchildness in S1 -- something they significantly improved on -- and Pimento took a lot of space in the show when he was there. I also felt the relationship was not really in character for Rosa, and it took her plot time away to be about Another Romantic Relationship. (I love B99, but it doesn't well-balance its use of its cast.)
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The actor is definitely a nice guy. Cat-sitted for us once or twice. But yeah, I'm ready for the Pimento phase to be done especially since the show is doing such an amazing job lately of addressing some heavy topics while still staying incredibly funny. I'd like them to keep putting their energy on that.
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I mean, Pimento's basically a Serpico satire, right?

There's something fun about having a Serpico satire in a 2017 tv show, but, I mean, Serpico was fundamentally about police corruption, and without that you just end up with a sort of one-note character, a deep-cover counterculture type who was wildly abused.

It even misses the point of Serpico's abuse, which was largely at the hands of other cops.
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The actor is definitely a nice guy. Cat-sitted for us once or twice.

OK, I can wholly accept that I differ from everyone else in the room on the merits of Pimento as a character. But I can't let you just drop a factoid like that, and not tell us the whole story of how you came to know Jason Mantzoukas, and how he ended up looking after your cat(s).
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Pimento teaching them how to fake snort cocaine is one of my all time favorite scenes.
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Strange Interlude, it’s not terribly interesting, I’m afraid. He went to college with my husband and later lived in our neighborhood in New York. This was several years before his acting career got rolling.
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On the contrary! Maybe it's because I'm from the less celebrity-dense Midwest, but I never get tired of hearing people's mundane anecdotes about friends/acquaintances/classmates who went on to achieve some level of fame/notoriety. Literally the more mundane the better.
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re: this show's darkness, the quick reference in this episode to Nikolaj having been trafficked stunned me a bit. If that was brought up before, I must have missed it; I remember references to miserable, no-Christmas orphanage life pre-adoption, but not literally human trafficked.
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