Brooklyn Nine-Nine: HalloVeen
October 19, 2017 8:00 AM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The Nine-Nine has their fifth annual Halloween heist and everyone has until midnight to claim the belt cummerbund title of "Amazing Human Slash Genius".
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so no one won the heist? where was the real belt? did Jake actually altered the words? doesn't that require like a whole new engraving?
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I think it is implied that Jake had 2 belts made from the start, has the real one, and was willing to lose the heist to show how serious he was.

Which means he had to anticipate EVERYTHING well enough to ensure Santiago's apparent win, or else that more people were in on it [I don't think so, though?]

My impression from Captain Holt's words at the end was that he somehow has the real belt and is juuuuust barely keeping himself from announcing his victory. Or else he was very worried that someone else was in that position and couldn't stand the suspense.

This was a very sweet episode! I really liked how everyone could admit how excited they were for the heist. And even though there was no official winner, obviously Jake won the heist. An amazing human / genius said yes to his proposal!
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Holt and Cheddar as heist partners made my night.

The proposal scene was so great by making Amy ask if Jake was serious and not part of the heist. It felt totally in character, and I was so glad that there was no misunderstanding, and it was just a nice scene.
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Corgis make me happy. As did the proposal.

I am still confused about the belts and how nobody won, exactly.
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I'm a sap. The proposal made me cry. I'm looking forward to re-watching this to see if it actually makes some sense, but it was fun to watch the heightened ridiculousness unfold, and the emotional payoff was all I ended up caring about. (Sorry, Holt.)
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will doug judy be invited to the wedding? discuss
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Doug Judy HAS to be at the wedding, whether he’s invited or not. I’d expect his wedding gift to be extremely thoughtful as well.
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Not only will Doug Judy be at the wedding, but Jake will waffle over whether to mess up his own wedding to catch him. Just as he decides not to, Amy goes for the arrest. (Come on, B99, you know that would be amazing. You can do it.)
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The culmination of his enconium was "you're the best person I know," it was "you're the best detective I know." Jake genuinely loves Amy for her skill and dedication to her job , which makes him one in ten thousand, at least.
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i was really, really hugely incredibly glad that both boyle's discovery of them in the evidence locker and his reaction to the ring were sweet and heartfelt; if they had gone down their unfortunately more typical boyle path lately of making him give super creepy and intrusive commentary it would've been awful.
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Due to multiple personal/professional factors, I only got a chance to watch this one late last night. The annual heist episodes are always a joy, even when they gently violate their own internal logic (as this one did) for the final payoff.

I am worried about Terry's gastrointestinal system though. Is there a safe cleanse to get rid of internal tracking devices?
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Also, I love how Jake's epiphany came when Amy noticed a typo in the NYT crossword; it's so organic to both characters (Jake's intuitive detective instincts, Amy's detail-oriented fastidiousness) while also being a wonderful gag. This show works on all sorts of levels.
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That little aside was perfect. It wasn't necessary for the story at all, but capped everything off beautifully.

In general, I'm also just so happy they've avoided the "will they/won't they, on/off" trope of sitcoms with Jake and Amy. It took a reasonable amount of time for it to happen, and once it did they didn't Ross and Rachel it. They were always such a good fit. Fortunately Mike Schur's shows have never really relied on that kind of forced drama to fill season arcs, except when it fit. Andy/April and Ben/Leslie stuck together on Parks and Rec (Ben and Leslie's break was earned, and they only did it once).
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