Arrow: Fallout
October 12, 2017 9:11 PM - Season 6, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island, as Season 6 begins.
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Is is just me or are they setting up a Dinah/Quentin romance?

I'm not sure how Black Siren was able to shrug off the gun shot wound or the "death" pronouncement. I haven't been keeping track of the preseason news leaks or buzz, so I don't konw who her partner is yet.

I'm kind of saddened we don't get to see Oliver and Slade head out on a quest to find Jericho, but I'm also disappointed that the writers had Slade go off on his on while on Lian Yu. I kind of thought they intended the character to have reformed enough to to be protective of Oliver's friends and family while Oliver was unable to protect them himself.

I don't know if they writers have kids or interact with kids, but that whole bit about the "bad man" seemed to be a language pattern that a child much younger than William would use. Yes, he has been through a trauma and is currently living in a situation that's stressful to say the very least, but his dialogue felt really off.

I still hate Rene and wouldn't have minded at all if he hadn't made it off the island.
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Every time I watch this show I think to myself "why am I watching this schlock?" Then I see something delicious like Black Siren vamping it up ("I would have worn fishnets") and they pull me right back in. Katie Cassidy looks like she's having a lot of fun.

I like Rene but I hate how they've softened his character so much. He used to be a bad-ass gangster baller with crazy pistol work. Now he's a speechwriter who wants to be a Good Daddy.

Not looking forward to the Very Special Episode about PTSD that's coming up in a few weeks with Diggle.
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Did anyone else notice that Arrow started "five months later" while Supergirl, Flash, and Legends began six months after their finales? Are they all now at the same point in time or is Arrow's timeline one month behind the other shows?

As for the episode itself, I think I was burnt out on Arrowverse premieres by the time I got to Arrow. It all seemed very formulaic, right down to a mystery villain that has it in for Oliver and team members who still have not learned that keeping secrets from the team never goes well. At least Katie Cassidy was great as Black Siren, Curtis wasn't as overbearing, and I loved the scene where Green Arrow jumped off the overpass to save Rene.
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Cassidy is so much better as Black Siren. I guess it's just a meatier, more fun role for the actress.
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Not looking forward to the Very Special Episode about PTSD that's coming up in a few weeks with Diggle.

They might go with the 'nerve damage' route rather than PTSD. His shoulder was injured in the blast. Either way he'll be cured a day after it's revealed.
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Yeah Katie Cassidy can really ham it up as villains (she was so good as a demon on Supernatural), her softer side doesn't really work when she was Laurel-1.
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