Reign: The Plague
October 2, 2014 6:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

“In the second-season opener, a plague sweeps across the land and threatens the stability of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Francis and Lola aren't allowed back home because of the quarantine; Kenna's life is jeopardized; and Leith finds a new romantic interest.” (TV Guide)

Season 1 Refresher

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Multi-episode thread
posted by Eyebrows McGee at 6:11 PM on October 2, 2014

I do not watch this show but according to a friend apparently sexy Nostradamus has shaved off his beard and that is not okay.
posted by poffin boffin at 6:49 AM on October 3, 2014 [2 favorites]

In an episode with plague, plots, bastards, and murder, Nostradamus being shaved was of the most consequence.

I may not be as hung ho on the wackiness as I was, or maybe for a show that has always spilled over with things a'popping, I have hit critical mass into it being too ridiculous. I blame me as I didn't think it was back so soon.
posted by provoliminal at 7:31 AM on October 3, 2014

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