Project Runway: The Highest Bidder
October 2, 2014 7:54 PM - Season 13, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The six remaining designers are paired up to create mini-collections using "found materials" from storage units.
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YES, FINALLY. Bye, Korina. Could she have been any nastier? If anyone was sad to see her go, they didn't show it. Loved Emily mentioning her nasty comments, loved Heidi's callout of the eye-rolling, loved Char standing up for herself after the elimination. Tim didn't have any kind parting words, either; really wish he was still writing his own recaps. This season will have a really juicy reunion show.

Loved having Christian on the panel; they could bring him back full-time.
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Oh, that ending was delicious. Karma's such a bitch, isn't it? : ) Her constant "You've been eliminated" comments to/about Char in every episode since she was saved got really old. Loved Char pointing out that there had been 5 challenges since she got the save and she was still there.

I thought Amanda and Kini's team was the clear winner too. Glad Kini got the win - the soccer ball dress was amazing. I really didn't care for Amanda on her original season, but I like her a lot better this time around. She and Kini really worked well together.
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WTF, Sean? Your poor model was reduced to hobbling on stage. I've been so disappointed by Sean's safe and dull clothes. He keeps going on about how great they are, but they're dull. Dull colours, dull shapes - simple and without any spark.

Kini & Amanda are fun together and balanced out each others' flaws and strengths beautifully.
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Also, Kini quilted and patched those fabrics together in that time span??? Is he actually a collective of tiny elves hiding inside a Kini-shape?
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My big problem with Amanda was her saying idiotic things like couture was punk and doubling down on cliché things to make them totemic like this "grooviness," but they were all very superficial, none of it was about her being a bad person. Her basic decency is why you can pick on stupid things. Put against Korina, who seemed unable to hold back a tide of ugliness except when they "have to be nice" for outsiders, Korina looks like the villain at the end of a high school movie who tried to steal valedictorian/student president/head cheerleader through a technicality.
I don't really understand why she has such a big problem with Amanda and Char having second chances. Other people doing well does't diminish your own work, and other people doing badly doesn't make your work intrinsically better. The pettiness and childishness on clear display was kind of great, so Emily and others could respond and that it couldn't be manufactured by editing.

That whole southwest look has never been in, even for the five minutes it was in, and I lived in the SW. If you're not Georgia O'Keeffe, it just screams menopausal retreat phase, which it did on O' Keeffe. The whole basis of everything she whines about is wrong, from why she made her final dress to why she thinks she should win. And freaking whining--whiners don't win.

Kini and Amanda are a great pairing because they both have what the other doesn't, but what really won me over was the yeti devotion. I loved that yeti, but would I have gone for broke on it? Kini never would.

I want Heidi to ask very pointed questions at the reunion.

Sean seems too young to knowing have a developed aesthetic, while the rest are in their own creative ruts. Kini and Amanda may be the only ones strong enough yet adaptable to be shaken up, like when they sent them off to different European cities. Not that anyone is going anywhere outside a Kenmore fridge and Aldo styling wall.

I wonder if Fade is back. I so want Tim to go off on Korina on grounds of sheer rudeness.
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Moral of the story - don't be nasty and mean. Amen.
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I think I saw Psychedelic Yeti play a show a few years back.
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I found it a bit distasteful how several people mentioned in the beginning they wanted to be on a team with Kini because he is a fast worker. It sounded almost like "I'll have the great ideas and he's gonna sew!". Which really is not the case, Kini already demonstrated that he's full of ideas (and good at executing them).

Kini and Amanda rightfully won. That soccer ball dress must have been a ton of piecework. I didn't like it, but I have to applaud the work that went into it. Same with that fur jacket. I also think that they matched their fabric from mood well. What ultimately set Kini and Amanda apart from the other teams though, was not only their innovation. They decided on three distinct shapes and still managed to get a cohesive look. My favorite out of those three outfits was the canvas/tablecloth outfit.

I liked Sean's looks, they were sleek but had a twist. What let that team down was Char's uninspired outfit and the fact that all silhouettes were very similar. There was just not enough variation in their collection.

Emily and Korina lost their editing eye, it seems. They got so caught up in their story (Peruvian en route to Finland) that they were packing layer over layer and it ended up looking a bit forced. Also, I can't believe they actually bought that fabric! It was the ugliest of them all. And leather leggings are so 2012.

The 1-Hour-Challenge, didn't see that coming! Char did a great job but Korina's excuse was lame. They had all the fabrics from previous challenges to work with and she chose fabrics that need quite a bit of work to look right. Poor choice that even 16 pattern pieces can't help.

Oh Korina, I'm afraid all your clients and customers are going to see now, is how nasty you've treated your fellow designers. Not a good look for anyone.
Sorry for nitpicking, but the title is wrong. It would be great if a mod could correct this, please. This episode is called "The Highest Bidder". It would appear that the part where the designers drive around in Lexus cars ended up on the cutting room floor and subsequently the title was changed.
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Mod note: Okay, title changed!
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You know, I detested everything Korina had to say, but nobody can tell me that her work was on the terrible level that Sean and Char's was this week. Her work was well-executed, and maybe the taste level was a bit off, but it was far better than a couple of dresses that you couldn't walk in.

The entire third act of this show was producer setup of a villain and a victim, and letting the victim triumph! Char basically had Sean sew her a dress (he told her what she should make and did all the hemming, it seems) and the producers knew Korina was totally in her own head. It's terrible to see a show where people's talent is supposed to be showcased, but instead we get things like the "Tim Save," which was given for reasons other than Char's talent and the fact that after that save was given, there's no way Char would be allowed to fail in the way she should have in the past few challenges.

There's nothing defensible about Korina's talking head segments, or the fact that she lashed out in the workroom, but she was right. She saw the storyline coming from a mile away, and rather than playing nice and pretending this was still a design contest, she balked. And next week, when they put Korina and Char together for no other reason than to see them fight again? Totally distasteful.

This is no longer the show I've loved for many seasons. Bunim/Murray totally destroyed it, and it's a terrible thing to see.
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Well, at this stage in the competition it gets harder and harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. Nonetheless, I also dislike how the producers emphasize (and presumably facilitate) drama.

If Korina really thought she was being "set up", why didn't she voluntarily bow out instead of leaving a particularly nasty impression during this challenge? And is she contractually bound to come back next episode?
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That is an interesting take on K's anger - that it was in response to being set up as the villain and the judging being manipulated (vs outrage that someone didn't like her work). It makes her a bit more sympathetic. But it doesn't negate how generally disagreeable she was throughout the entire process. If she was set up as the villain, it was in part because her actions were villainous.
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I feel like the storage unit auction "game" could have been set up better.
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T & Lo agree that it's manipulative bullshit, but this isn't a scholarship ultimately. It's always been a tv show. Wendy Pepper would not have gotten to the end of the first season if it wasn't for the game elements. This isn't a fashion award; there are actual fashion awards. It may seem like there's some meritocracy in it, but they're winning exposure and publicity more than prizes. I can't think people who really have prospects think much of this show, unlike Top Chef. This is far more like the outcome of Top Model, but people on these shows mostly become people of these shows: reality stars.

Char hasn't done great things, but I don't think Korina has either, definitely not to the extent she thinks she has. Sean's stuff all looks like it rides on a gimmick or is all the same kind of functional stuff I may like in real life but not on a show. His previous work is the only I think I've seen any of. Back to the point, Korina gloated when the game was in her favor, then resented it when it wasn't and stopped playing because she thought she shouldn't have to try. That makes you the bad loser on tv.

If someone ever came to play and win the show just to showcase a planned line, I wonder what would happen, if they could even make it on.
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Alexander is still fan favorite, y'all. I am more scared than impressed that he apparently has a fan army who will show those judges what is what!!1!!!1!

I appreciated Heidi's stinkeye at Sean and Char's models strolling s l o w l y down the runway. She knew exactly what was going on and did not appreciate it. Speaking of Sean - I thought he handled helping Char completely appropriately. He may have issues with her sewing skills, but he still helped her in a way that allowed her to control the design. His questions to help focus her were smart, and he tried to make them neutral. And Char picked her fabric and design (and accessories) smartly. I was so pleased her challenge dress was so clearly head and shoulders (hah!) above Korina's.

Korina's rise (to the foggy heights of egomania) and fall was entirely horrifying and satisfying. It's hard to imagine she's ever faced much challenge, criticism, or even the word "No" or has ever had to be professional. I seriously think her rant in the green room after elimination was to not only a martyred attempt to assert her superiority but a desperate attempt to (what-should-be-the-) rules-lawyer and demoralize Char so Char'd give up her spot. This worked about as well as getting the judges to bow to Korina's judging of her fellow competitors.

I don't think she saw the villain edit coming at all. I just think she never really thought she could lose to Char because she felt she was so much better. I do think Char isn't as experienced a designer or sewer and her design eye needs refinement, but Char is more practical. professional, strategic, and can step out of her emotions to get the job done. Also, the difference in overall work quality is not that far apart, despite the win totals.

Also, I can't help but think Karina's logo design is unfortunate: EM EW? The snark just writes itself.

Again, this week, I appreciate Emily's ... adultness.

Hated Amanda's pants, but I thought she and Kini used their materials well, and smartly. At this point, I think Kini is the one to beat. He knows his own limits, usually doesn't go overboard, generally does something interesting in his garment (in terms of a detail or technique; he is not transformative like some past winners), and rarely offends.
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Oh, and Korina & Emily's styling was really bad, towards an aged out of touch way more than Sean & Char's too young out of touch way, one rare consistency in judging. The hats and lipstick may have sent them tipping, although I think they've stopped mentioning the accessories because they're just damning the Aldo accessories wall. Everyone keeps using those booties because they lack options.

I have never thought this much of Red Robin ever, as I never think of them.
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Again, this week, I appreciate Emily's ... adultness.

Agreed! And Char, too; you never would have known she was on the verge of sobbing on the runway. She held it together.
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Someone on T-Lo nailed Korina's style: She's creating outfits for Stevie Ray Vaughn.
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And I'd like to pitch a show where Korina and past-contestant Kenley take a tugboat ride down the Mississippi together.
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Ugh, Korinna, that was ugly. I actually didn't think her clothes were too bad this week. A bit overdone for my tastes, but nowhere near as bad as the lampshade hobble dresses Char and Sean made. Sean's coat saved him though, it was lovely.

I actually really quite liked the sweater Emily made from the Mood fabric - I would wear it. But Korinna really deserved to go. She made poor choices for the 1-hour challenge and her attitude was atrocious.

I'm liking Emily for a sneaky win. She can sew, her designs are interesting and I think she might surprise people.
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I'm rooting for Emily but I won't be mad atcha if you pick Kini , Project Runway.
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TLo posts Korina's decoy collection, for those who love spoilers.
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Drezdn, can we add Gretchen from season 8 to the mean-girl tugboat show?
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Also, Kini quilted and patched those fabrics together in that time span??? Is he actually a collective of tiny elves hiding inside a Kini-shape?

That's it! He's actually a team of menehune! It makes total sense now.
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And next week, when they put Korina and Char together for no other reason than to see them fight again? Totally distasteful.

Serious! I still like to watch this show despite how far it's fallen, and I will watch next week, but I really, really don't want to see this. How terrible for everyone.

I like Emily.
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Korina's attitude has been terrible from the very first episode -- every single interview she has spent talking smack about everyone else and saying that they were all talentless hacks -- and I found it rather refreshing to see everyone finally acknowledge how unprofessional and nasty that was.

I remain team Amanda, although I like Emily for the win, too.
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I've always thought that Korina fancied herself as the 2nd coming of Gretchen, only to be thwarted by the Return of Head Girl Amanda.

But I think TLo nailed it that Korina realized she was being set up by the producers. I'm certain that her Green Room rant included a lot of anti-producer invective that was edited out in addition to her comments to Char.

I wonder how Char feels to be the beneficiary of this manipulation. This episode pretty much exposed her weaknesses as a designer. She's been safe or in the bottom for most of the season and she never would've won the sew-off without Sean's guidance and help.
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Drezdn, can we add Gretchen from season 8 to the mean-girl tugboat show?

Yes, a thousand times, yes.
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Also I thought it was super rude when Zach Posen straight-up interrupted Christian to get in another trying-too-hard zinger.

Also also Amanda is now an extra on Nashville apparently.
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Yeah thank goodness for Emily.

While Char did get a lot of help from Sean, it seemed like she was also very strategic about what could be actually completed in an hour -- the stretch jersey thing brought to mind what Bianca Del Rio did during that live-sewing performance where she made a dress in five minutes, right? (It was even the same color, lol.)

And honestly, I am aware that this says nothing good about me, but I ate up Korina's meltdown with a fucking spoon. I do actually think Korina is really talented -- IMHO she had the best remaining decoy! (To the point where I now have no idea who's going to win!) And she has a sliver of a point, that Char has, indeed, had some second chances in the competition. But Korina was so stroppy, nasty, and full of herself -- all while mostly not being able to back up her words with her runway looks -- that it was thrilling to watch her get taken down a peg or twenty. Hopefully this experience planted the seeds of a little humility in the rich bullshit she's clearly been feeding herself.

And at the end of the day, producer manipulation or not, she had basically the same constraints as Char in the coda challenge -- Sean's good, but Emily's construction has been on point too -- and Char clearly beat her. And while I felt really bad for Char having to sit there in the green room, watching her keep her composure and defend herself in a totally fair, reasonable way while Korina just completely lost her shit was immensely satisfying to me. Good for Char. Her attitude is the best.

Plus -- at some point you have to say to yourself, you're on a fucking reality TV show. Take a deep breath and think about how this is the same show where Wendy Pepper finished ahead of Austin "Motherfucking" Scarlett. And you are still showing a collection at fashion week!!! It's not like this is a secret!! We all know!!!

I actually kind of love Amanda's Keith Haring Yeti jacket.
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Sean and Char had the worst collection by far, I thought. And since Sean made the only redeeming parts, Char should have gone home. I also think it's kind of BS how Char got extra time last episode. I can see why Korina would be upset.

Korina's attitude was just so ugly, though. Honestly it made me uncomfortable. Like, does she not see how she comes across; do I come across like that; how awful would that be. It's okay to be confident, you can even trash talk. She was just a little too nasty and not as good enough to get away with it all. Her displays of confidence seemed more like displays of insecurity and too much self-seriousness.

Her 1-hour dress was like, okay, here is a design, you know it's a design because it is black and white and some lines and there's an accent color, and the accent color is that shade of green that designers use. I almost think it was like a fuck you to the judges. Here's something you won't see in Char's outfits—design.

From her decoy collection I like the teal skirt outfit, I guess. (Not the teal top that looks like it's on backwards. A lot of the tops don't look like they fit right. Also the blue strappy one made me say, "Oh, so she meant a Ford Thunderbird.") A couple pieces look all right and I like some of the basic/boldness of it, but it seems too narrow, like really just one look w/ minor variations.
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Also is it me or does Nina despise Emily like she's trying to settle a lifelong vengeance?
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Korina's perspective would be easier to see if there weren't plenty of times she should have been eliminated earlier in the season (like when she doubled down on dark green in the Heidi challenge).
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Korina's logo reflects as ME ME. Also somehow appropriate.
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The drama overshadowed the designs this week which is a shame because it was a good challenge. Amanda and Kini were inspired: the Yeti painting, the soccer ball dress. I loved that he quilted the fur, a simple technique to transform the material and the judges love that kind of thing. I really liked the dress they were working on with the Mood fabric that was a combination of the pink fabric and a blue print, I would've liked to see how that looked when finished.

Emily's jacket had that ratty bit of white fur on the lapel which was creepy. She'd been playing with using the woven placemat beforehand and I think she should've kept that.

I loathed the bulky knit fabric from Mood, that neon yellow was rancid. I didn't think the three looks were very cohesive except for "layering" and "outerwear". Also I thought it was interesting that after Nina criticized her for too much ethnic Korina pointed out that, except for the doll challenge, she had only done one outfit in that style previously. Ooops.

Nope, the producers must've been delighted that they were finally able to wrench some drama out of this season.

I didn't like Korinna's final collection, boxy, primary colors, and NASCAR.
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The Tim Gunn Save is written into the show. So was the bringing someone back from a past season. Someone's going to get saved. Everyone knows that. Including Korina.

Sure Korina was pissed about the zipper issue but then again she is pissed about everything. The main issue was that Char's model ruined the zipper. I don't think that's ever happened before? At least not that I know of. I think Tim was thinking more of the muse/real woman model than of Char. He didn't want the model to feel guilty about what had happened so he gave Char a chance to fix it. I think the professional models who appear on the show are familiar with the construction of the garments and how the zippers are sewn into them. The woman modeling the outfit had no idea. Unfortunately it happened to Char. If it had been another designer it wouldn't have seemed so much like favoritism.

I wish the Tim Gunn Save would disappear. I still have no idea why he used it on Char. She isn't worthy of it.

Korina is just unlikable. It would not be a feel good win for us, the people watching, who have invested several hours of our lives watching the show, if she won. She reminds me of Helen Castillo from (last??) season; the 20 something girl with the terrible attitude, who went on a really ugly twitter rant the night of her elimination, calling everyone left cunts and assholes. She deleted her account (or it was deleted for her....) but what a nasty piece of work.

I will gladly admit that the schadenfreude was full power on when Korina had her meltdown. Yep.
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I have some more thoughts! (I actually watched it again. Or, it was on in the background while I was doing other things.) The red lips on Korina and Emily's models was that hideous "Firecracker" by Mary Kay that was firmly suggested by the makeup artist. I wonder why we never hear the designers complaining that they were steered wrong by the makeup artists. I mean, it shouldn't be a huge part of the results but "styling" is clearly important to some of the judges (*cough*Nina).

I am more and more dreading this business of throwing Korina and Char together next week. Is that really what the producers think people want to see? They just do not understand a demographic that is more interested in, you know, the actual things people are making rather than their interpersonal drama. It's so too bad how yet another show fell victim to this foolishness. I suspect that Korina is not a very nice person and yet still not nearly as bad as they'd like us to think. I see the word "hate" thrown around on all the PR forums and that's a bit startling. We don't know these people, after all.
posted by Glinn at 4:51 PM on October 4, 2014

Ok, I do kind of hate the producers, though. But even there I can't imagine they'd want to purposely ruin this show that was so popular. They just don't seem to know any better.
posted by Glinn at 4:53 PM on October 4, 2014

There is drama sure, but it's also an opportunity for someone to sit down with Korina and say hey, you can salvage your reputation this week by being classy with Char. If she was smart, she'd go in and say look I'm devastated by this but I was also a jerk, and I'm going to be awesome this week because that's professional, and then the episode would be partly about how mature and great Korina is, rather than oh what a diva. If she's aware as they all are that this is a reality show, then play the damn game better.
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That would be the best thing to do. But I am not optimistic.
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Wow, most of the items in Korina's dummy collection made me say, "No one wants to look BIGGER than they are!"
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If she's aware as they all are that this is a reality show, then play the damn game better.

She was playing the game enough to pretend she was missing out on going to fashion week. That's always been a weird thing about the show, and I wish they were more up front about the existence of decoy collections.
posted by fleacircus at 6:09 PM on October 4, 2014

I am more and more dreading this business of throwing Korina and Char together next week. Is that really what the producers think people want to see? They just do not understand a demographic that is more interested in, you know, the actual things people are making rather than their interpersonal drama.

Ugh. My take as well. I really dislike this and it makes me really uncomfortable, especially because we damn well know this is 100% manufactured drama. It's insulting to them, and also to us. I truly really honestly want to see more about the clothes and the process.

I'm sure they base their continuous lowering of the bar on social media reactions. What are people going to talk about more on Friday, what a megabiatch one of the contestants was, or how nice another contestant's dress was? PR pays way too much attention to social media and is always attempting to integrate it into the show in the form of interactives.

Look back over these comments. Most of them are about Korina, including all of mine. It's working for them ;(
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That reminds me, Helen is coming back on All Stars, along with Alexandria, the quiet Swedish former model about whom she bad-mouthed. So if this is going to be Helen's redemption round, then maybe Korina was really thinking ahead: knowing she was slated to be auf'd, she doubled down on the bitchiness to ensure that she'd be asked back eventually for All Stars. Clever girl!
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If your taste is off, so is mine. That collection was FUGLY.

I'm glad she's finally gone. I didn't think she was very talented, and didn't deserve either of her wins, but seriously, her snotty, entitled attitude was the worst.
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The checkerboarding got a little too "gentlemen, start your engines" for me, but in general I thought the collection was at least interesting. stoneweaver's right that it didn't really fit the models properly, though, and while I liked it it was mostly in comparison to the other remaining collections. What's funny to me now is that the decoy collection looks a little like her elimination dress, so I'm just imagining the whole thing was made in one continuous fit of furious pique.
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"Our girl is a Peruvian fashion photographer who is traveling to Helsinki to do a street style fashion shoot."

W U T ?
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If you check out the extended clip preview, it does not actually seem to be the producer's fault that Korinna is asked to work with Char. The remaining designers had to pick an "aufed" outfit to use/fix, and apparently Char picked Korinna's.
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Interesting, onlyconnect. We'll see how the whole thing plays out tonight :-)
posted by travelwithcats at 5:44 AM on October 9, 2014

I normally like Korina's stuff, and have been wishing all season that she'd can the trash talk and be a nice person so I can like her 100%. This episode, uuuugh, the total opposite! Even if she's realized she's being set up, come ON! Her behaviour was just not acceptable.

And then her decoy collection--the totaler opposite! I hate it. It looks like stuff from that one weird independent store in the suburban shopping mall.

Char looks fantastic in comparison right now; I'll be cheering for her instead, in the next episode.
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