Stan Against Evil: Dig Me Up, Dig Me Down
October 20, 2017 8:58 AM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Following a violent outburst at his wife's funeral, the crotchety and boorish sheriff of Willard's Mill, Stanley Miller, is forced to retire. When his younger and much more competent replacement (Evie Barret) arrives, they discover that Stan's wife was secretly a demon hunter. She was also the only person protecting Stan from being killed by a curse placed on all town sheriffs 200 years earlier when the town constable burned almost 200 witches at the stake. Together, Evie and Stan have to figure out how to defeat the demons that are trying to kill them.
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I listen to Dana Gould's podcast fairly frequently, and he's talked a bit about the show. Now I see what he was talking about, how their sheriff's office is the same place as Stranger Things. Now I want to see John McGinley and David Harbour team up as gruff cops.

Janet Varney is so great. Loved her on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.
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I took a chance on watching this show after seeing the preview commercials, and am I ever glad I did.
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The misogyny stuff (ha ha he's an older dude who's super regressive, lol), not so much.

A little bit of a Evil Dead vibe. Maybe a little too much.

I never minded John C. McGinley in the roles I've seen him as (almost exclusively serious, I think, usually as an asshole - oh, that's where. He was O'Neill in Platoon and an evil corporate exec in Highlander II, an uptight fed in Point Break, another weak willed soldier in The Rock, &c.) and I've always thought that there was a physical comedian in him screaming to break free.

Janet Varney (Evie) might have some chops, I like her emoting through facial expressions.
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