Star Wars Rebels: In the Name of the Rebellion (Parts I and II)
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Rebels takes a significant step toward Rogue One in the two part "In the Name of the Rebellion," with the appearance of Yavin IV, Mon Mothma, and Saw Gerrera chasing after the mystery of an Imperial super weapon. Come for Two Tubes in a U-wing, stay for the first recognizable female Deathtrooper!

Episode Information "In the Name of the Rebellion," continues the Season 4 trend of offering two episodes back to back, and additionally, the air time was pushed back to 9 PM EST, though the episodes were available all day on the DisneyXD App and select pay to view streaming services.

  • Saw Gerrera's appearance was updated to more closely align with his appearance in Rogue One, additionally, Forest Whitaker continues to voice his animated counterpart.
  • As noted above the line, this is the first time we see the rebel base on Yavin IV in the Massassi Temples.
  • In the confrontation between Saw and Mon Mothma, Mothma's question, "What will we become?" is based off a line cut from Rogue One that appeared in the trailer with Saw asking Jyn the same question.
  • The U-wing, debuting in Rebels for the first time, sports the black and white colors of the Partisans, which appeared on their X-wings glimpsed in Rogue One.
  • Brom Titus returned for one final appearance in this episode, notably demoted down to commander from admiral when he was first introduced in "Stealth Strike."
  • Edrio Two Tubes was brought in to better tie the episode to Rogue One with the same voice actor from that film, David Acord, performing his lines.
  • R4-C2, the droid which broadcasted Saw's appearance at the rebel base was originally intended to be a rival to Chopper, a storyline that was eventually dropped.
  • A theelin male was shown for the first time as one of the prisoners in Part II, while previously only theelin females have been shown on Rebels and in the films (one of the female aliens singing backup in "Jedi Rocks" in Return of the Jedi special edition.
  • The space station was originally named Taos Station, but this was changed later on to Faos Station. The change happened after the station had been rendered, resulting in its original name still being visible in Aurebesh on its surface.
  • Part II is the first time Saw learns about the Imperial activities on Jedha, a fateful moment which will eventually lead to the partisan's death on that moon. Notably, Saw still has both his legs, one of which is gone by the time of Rogue One, indicating his serious injury will happen sometime in the near future.
  • DT-F16, the female Deathtrooper, was voiced by Jennifer Hale, who has voiced other characters for Star Wars, including Aayla Secura, the twi'lek Jedi Master.
For more info on the episode, including Rebel Recon, and more, check out the episode guide.
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I liked this a lot better than the season opener, seemed more grounded, events followed each other in a more organized fashion. Also more connected to the central story line of the show. Sabine is a cool character and I like her having screen time but the consequences of the mandalorian uprising was really unclear.

This also was I think a better use of Saw than previously on the show, when he seemed mostly hyper-agitated and unreasonable rather than extreme and ideologically misaligned with the rebellion.
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