Star Trek: The Menagerie Part 1   Rewatch 
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While visiting Starbase 11, the Enterprise is hijacked by Mr. Spock, leaving Captain Kirk behind while abducting the recently crippled Captain Christopher Pike, former commander of the Enterprise.

The Menagerie Part 1 is the 11th episode (production #16) and is the only two-part story in the original series. Part one of the episode was broadcast on November 17, 1966. NBC repeated the two shows on May 18, 1967. The episode's screenplay was written by Gene Roddenberry. Since the true 1965 pilot episode "The Cage" was not shown on television until 1988 and the original series began with the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before", Desilu—the show's production company—made a decision on what should be done with the wasted footage from the unused pilot movie.

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The episode can be viewed on CBS, Hulu, and Netflix.
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Be careful on those Class J starships! Even as kid I thought life support chairs would a little more advanced in the 2200s. Boooop. Let's hear it for Starbase 11, the first starbase to be named in TOS.
posted by Rob Rockets at 9:37 PM on October 4, 2014

I was in a particularly slashy frame of mind watching this episode, having just recently stumbled upon a link to this Mind Meld (Kirk/Spock Prime) fanvid. So it's fascinating to go back to a time before the undying loyalties between Kirk, Spock, & McCoy have been established, where Spock's actions in the episode are played as potentially sinister.

Must have been a brutally dull week of filming for Sean Kenney - 5 hours of make-up, then just stuck sitting there for close-ups.
posted by oh yeah! at 9:06 AM on October 5, 2014

As I watched this episode, Spock really became Spock in my opinion. Not with regard to his skill set, the pinch or mind meld, but in how the character seems to have intelligently thought ahead to multiple contingencies and made the appropriate arrangements. Likewise, when he surrenders to a baffled McCoy, "Is quarters sufficient?!" Spock treats it entirely with utmost seriousness. He knows exactly what he's doing and is prepared to suffer the consequences. This is the Spock in Wrath of Khan who calmly walks into the radiation chamber, knowing he will die, but also, catches McCoy and leaves his consciousness within McCoy's mind (a copy?). This was also the Spock who often acted outside the frames of established rules to do what ultimately everyone decides was the right course of action (except for the Romulans in the reboot!).

While I admittedly fast forwarded from the scenes right out of the Cage, I did try and view the other parts as if I was watching the show as it aired without knowledge of the earlier pilot. I thought it generally entertaining, particularly the relationships between Spock and both captains.

Also, I liked the credits at the end with Kirk standing alone in the court martial room, pensively walking about the room.
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Well, it's certainly sad that Captain Pike doesn't get the same technology that Stephen Hawking got. I think I spent a good 3 minutes yelling "MORSE CODE! Teach him MORSE CODE!" before giving up.

The best thing about rewatching this was watching Spock load floppy discs into the base computer. They were even different primary colors, just like the ones I was using in 1994.
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