Bob's Burgers: Sit Me Baby One More Time
November 6, 2017 3:01 PM - Season 8, Episode 4 - Subscribe

When Tina launches a babysitting enterprise, it is quickly derailed after her business nemesis, Tammy, is hired to work alongside her. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda check out their competition at a restaurant that's known for its burgers.

Store Next Door:

Pest Control Truck:

Burger of the Day:
he Clear and Present Ginger Burger
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This was one of my favorite episodes in a while. The A and B plot were both great.
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I haven't laughed this hard at Bob's Burgers in a while. My favorite episode of the last two seasons so far. So many great quotes!

I'm not going to list any of Mr. Boom Boom's quotes because you have to seriously watch it to get the full effect of Maria Bamford's amazing voice acting.

Tina: "people who like people whose hair is all the same color."
Mr. Ambrose"Oh no! Girls, stop fighting! keep going keep going!"
(Mr. Ambrose is voiced by Billy Eichner! I never bothered to find out!)

Tammy: "And I don't wear glasses because I didn't lose my vision like she would lose your baby"

Tina: "Bob's Burgers/Tina's Babysitting Service. Child care this good is medium rare."

Linda: "I guess we can go to Savory tomorrow night, right Bob?"
Bob: "Sure, yeah, I'm... I'm available every night."

Kendra's father, Chris: "God darn you well-paying marketing job that brought us here!"

Louise: "I mean, you kind of owe it to us. You won this dinner 'cause of the PTA? Well, we made you the "P"."
Gene: "Yeah, we made you both "P"."

Linda: "Oh, alright, let's go. But I'm still drinking a lot of wine."
Louise: "Said the world's best mom!"

Tammy: "I'm gonna babysit the crap out of this kid."
Tina: "Well.. I'm gonna babysit a bigger crap out of this kid."
Tammy: "Ew."

Linda: "Bobby, if the waiter comes, order me the salmon, but tell him don't make it too fishy or squishy."
Louise: "She said the same thing at the Fishy Squishery."

Teddy: "I just had to try it, okay? I swear, I've never done this kind of thing before. Okay, a few times at a few restaurants on numerous occasions, but those meant nothing to me."
Gene: "And then you walked back into our place smelling like guilt and other people's buns."

Tammy: "Tina, go away. The office is my spot. And also, if my spot smells like farts, that is not me."
Tina: "Tammy.. Ugh! That's strong."

Tammy: "She's... so strong! She's got bully strength!"

Bob: "And our food's still not here-- I guess 'cause this place is so busy."
Louise: "Huh, I didn't know restaurants got busy."

Bob: "Did you order yet? 'Cause, uh, we're sitting over there. You could come sit with us. I mean, I don't really want to invite you, but I guess I just did."

Tina: "No Jimmy Jr! Your tickle-dinker!"

Jimmy Jr: "She's pretty scary!"
Zeke: "Yeah. She's like my grandma at a yard sale, going after our junk."

Teddy: "I told you to meet me in the alley in two hours wearing all black."
Waiter: "Yeah, but I didn't want to do that, so bye."

Zeke: "I get it. You said she's new in school. I been there, boy. It's hard to make friends. She just rejected them in their crotch before they rejected her in her heart."

Tammy: "I don't want my crotch to get kicked, but I also don't want you to win anything ever. Ugh! I'm going with you."
Jimmy Jr: "Okay. We'll stay here. Let us know how it turns out."
Zeke: "No, J-Ju! We're in this now! We're stronger if we stick our crotches together!"

Tina: "I know that I've said this a lot, but this time I mean it. We should put leaves in our underwear."
Zeke: "Uh-oh. I got twigs in my berries."

Louise: "Well we do have that rule in our family: don't order a burger in front of dad."
Gene: "'Cause he's gonna ask you what you think."
Linda: "Then you have to say how bad it is, or else he gets all sulky."
Louise: "You turn into the Incredible Sulk."

Gene: "Also, your neck is weird! Not to pile on."

Tina: "Tammy, I.. am sorry I called you horrible."
Tammy: "And I am also sorry that you called me horrible."

Louise: "Speaking of handles, what's, um... going on down there?"
Tina: "Oh, right." *throw leaves from her crotch out the window*
Bob: "Okay, that's odd."
Gene: "So that's where leaves come from!"
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You missed the follow-ups to this one:

Zeke: "I get it. You said she's new in school. I been there, boy. It's hard to make friends. She just rejected them in their crotch before they rejected her in her heart."
Jimmy J: That's beautiful, Zeke.
[someone]: Preach.
Tina: Huh. I had't thought of it that way.
Tammy: So, what do we do now, call her parents - or the police?
Tina: No. Julie Andrews wouldn't call any parents. Julie Andrews would march right back into that house, and probably make clothes out of all the curtains or something.

I love Zeke's wisdom, and Jimmy J's sort of reverence for that wisdom. Also, I love that The Sound of Music inspired Tina. "Bad at being a nun, but great at having fun / With kids."
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Store Next Door:

It took me like ten seconds to figure out what this was parodying because Plunger and Hunger do not rhyme (hard vs soft g).
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Mr. Ambrose trying to get the kids to start shit because he's bored is one of my favourite running gags on the show.
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