Arrow: Promises Kept
November 17, 2017 5:11 AM - Season 6, Episode 6 - Subscribe

As Slade continues to uncover clues about his son's last few years, Oliver makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the Green Arrow leads the team into battle against "The Dragon," a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City.
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There's so much more to Slade Wilson than just him growling "I keep my promises, kid!" and Manu Bennett does an amazing job playing him, but whenever I think of Slade, I can only think of "I keep my promises, kid!" You could replace all of Slade's lines with "I keep my promises, kid!" performed with different intonations and I'd go along with it.

Oliver: "Slade, we need to save your son. Do you know where he is?"

Slade: "I keep my promises, kid!"

Oliver: "Great idea! But how will we find his criminal syndicate without knowing where it will strike next?"

Slade: "I keep my promises, kid!"

Oliver: "Sure, it's worth a try."

NEXT TIME: Slade keeps his promise.
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I'm still watching the episode right now but I wanted to post this video, which makes me love Manu Bennett even more.
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Manu Bennett is still my favorite version of Slade Wilson so far. I'm looking forward to him coming back.

I guess they needed a moral penance for Diggle, and I was expecting exactly what happened in this episode, that they'd have to go after the guy getting Diggle his drugs. But I do like how the episode acknowledged things that fans have said.
Lyla: "Johnny, you are the most moral man I know, I can't even begin to fathom how you could do this."
Curtis: "I, for one, am incredibly offended... that you didn't come to me first for help treating you. I mean, I created a chip to help a woman walk, people!"

Soooo I guess John gets another magic chip like Felicity did and this whole arc becomes moot except when it's brought up at the end of the season as a moral quandary that the team have to overcome, again?
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I'm surprised how much I liked this episode, the resolution of Diggle's problems. They managed to have it have emotional weight without being a cliche Very Special Episode. Shout out to Audrey Marie Anderson and the writing for Lyla, that scene back at home where he confesses all to her and she reacts realistically sold it. Also David Ramsey's acting, contrasting his enormous meaty arms with his quiet vulnerability. It just pushed all the right buttons and suddenly I'm liking this Diggle-as-Green-Arrow interlude.

What was up with Dinah having a little present and then hiding it at the end of the episode? They've been hinting all along she's carrying a torch for Diggle but oh no girl, please don't. He's married and has a kid. Some gossip article from July asserts she will have a love interest who is not Diggle, so maybe that's where that's going? Completely unclear if so. I continue to be frustrated that Dinah is underused; the actress is great and the character has potential.

Is there any cross over between the new Justice League movie and the Arrowverse? I'm out of tune with everything but this one TV show.
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What was up with Dinah having a little present and then hiding it at the end of the episode?

that's the little present her ex/ex-partner/Vigilante left in her car at the end of that episode two weeks ago. the scene was immediately after she and Diggle just said "no more secrets", but she's hiding from the team the fact that she let Vigilante escape during the attack on the city councilwoman at the news studio.
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Was Manu Bennett playing Slade in the flashbacks? IMDb doesn't play a different actor. It looked enough like him, but if it was him they did an amazing job of de-aging him.

Also, Manu Bennett is awesome.
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that was definitely him. he's one of those people who looks decades older with just a bit of stubble. if you've never seen it, check out Spartacus from Showtime. he's clean-shaving for most of it and looked like an angry baby.
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