Legends of Tomorrow: Welcome to the Jungle
November 22, 2017 7:33 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

I was not expecting Grodd, so that was a nice twist.

I guess they're going to say that Ray's treatment will be enough for Martin and Jax to live lives away from each other, so that gets Martin out of the picture, while conveniently keeping Firestorm out of it at the same time, until the production team is ready to blow some of its special effects budget. It's not the solution I would have picked, but I guess it's the best we can expect.

I don't mind the idea of Martin asking for scientific help, but wouldn't he have been better off to actually call up scientists with modern experience, and not ones he would have had to introduce to basic nuclear concepts?

I really wish the makeup team would lay off the heavy orange facepaint because whenever a character raises a hand to her/his face the colour difference is ridiculously jarring.
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Stein: "Now that we've split up you will only be able to transform into fire storm three times before you need to refill your budgetorycashulator, so use them wisely"
Newton: "By definition an atom cannot be split, what you're suggesting is impossible!"
Grod: "Killing me doesn't fix the anachronism, you still need to return me to my proper time!"
Mick: "Woah, this gun actually hurt people and even killed them, I don't think it's ever done that before. Awesome."
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yeah there was quite a bit of wanton killing in this episode, i guess the writers were like "VIETNAM WAR" so anything goes. But it was nice to get some back story and closure for Mick.

I was pretty impressed that they actually used a Vietnamese-American actress, it's always refreshing to hear Vietnamese pronounced correctly in the middle of an English sentence.

So what is Darhk's time travel device? His daughter was using it first right? I hope they explain that soon, because that seems like something the Time Bureau should be aware of and they don't seem to be.
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i was just suddenly reminded of John Doe and how weird Dominic Purcell looks with hair compared to now.
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Dianne Doan is Canadian, not american. All of the Arrowverse takes place in Vancouver.

I assumed she was Chinese and doing a Vietnamese accent. I didn't expect such attention to detail in LOT.
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Ah her IMDB bio didn't mention a nationality and I didn't look further than that. I'm guessing she's Vietnamese because Doan is a pretty typical last name.
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I always feel sorry for Grodd, but man, is there anything that he doesn't take to the worst possible homicidal level?

I guess they're just giving up on Jax being a nuclear powered superhero because even they can't fanwank that?
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