Dark: As You Sow, So You Shall Reap (Was Man Sät, Das Wird Man Ernten)
December 3, 2017 3:22 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In 1953, the disfigured bodies of two boys are exhumed at a construction site, the future location of Winden's nuclear power plant.

Die Hölle ist leer, alle Teufel sind hier!
Hell is empty and all the devils are here! – William Shakespeare

*In 1953, little Helge Doppler rides his bicycle, and young Egon Tiedemann drives his police car past, with sirens on, to the new nuclear power plant's construction site, where the bodies of two dead boys have been discovered.
*In 2019, the hooded man talks to the man in the clock-shop about black holes, white holes, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, the triquetra symbol, the significance of 33. The man is H.G. Tannhaus, author of "A Journey Through Time."
*In 2019, Ulrich follows Helge through the cavern tunnel to the end of the red thread, goes through the Sic Mundus door, and takes a left at the fork.
*1953: Helge comes home, and his mother makes him strip to his underwear in the front hall because she's a terrifying neat freak or something. His father (Bernd, with a limp and cane now instead of the wheelchair he'll have in 1986) arrives home, and when Helge tells him about the bodies found at the site he rushes back out.
*1953: At the autopsy, the boys are found to have burns on the eyes and burst eardrums, 1986 coins on strings, and clothing with 'made in China' labels.
*At the cabin, Helge plays war-games alone, aboveground and in the shelter, then gets mugged by two older teens, one of whom pisses on him, and they run off when Ulrich appears. Ulrich asks Helge if he's seen old-Helge, then tells him next time he should bite the bullies. Ulrich runs on through the forest to the road, then a passing car stops - it's Agnes and Tronte Neilsen (Ulrich's grandmother and father), and Ulrich runs on in shock at discovering he's in 1953. He goes to the clock shop and shows H.G. Tannhaus his book.
*Little Helge goes to be tutored by Claudia, then Agnes and Tronte arrive to rent a room.
*Back at the shop, young Jana and Ines come by to make a pickup, and tell Tannhaus the news about the dead boys. Ulrich runs off and forgets his jacket behind.
*At the construction site, Bernd Doppler gives a speech about how important and wonderful the new plant will be. Afterwards, he tells Egon that the coal plant operators must be behind the murders.
*Helge trails after Claudia and Tronte in the woods, and after Claudia snubs Helge and walks off with Tronte, Helge throws a stick into the cavern for Claudia's dog, Gretchen, to follow, and runs off.
*At the police station, Ulrich tries to find out if one of the bodies is Mikkel, but Egon tells him neither body matches his description. Ulrich realizes he forgot his jacket, and runs off.
*Egon goes home and meets Agnes Nielsen, and chemistry ensues. Claudia and Tronte arrive with news of the lost dog, and Egon is sent out to see if Helge has her.
*Behind the Doppler mansion, Ulrich finds Helge petting dead birds he has in a box. Ulrich asks if he killed them, but Helge says the birds just fall from the sky. Ulrich says Helge is going to kill Ulrich's brother and son in the future, and grabs him. Helge uses his 'bite them next time' advice, then Ulrich chases him through the woods to the cabin, and smashes him in the face with a rock. He drags him into the shelter and shuts him in.
*Egon asks Mrs. Doppler about the missing dog, but she says Helge would never bring an animal into the house. He leaves, and she goes outside looking for Helge, but only finds the box of dead birds.
*In a montage, Agnes and Mrs. Egon Tiedemann brush hands making the bed (more chemistry), Tronte looks at his arm which is covered in burns (cigarette burns?). We see 2019 Michael's wall of photos of the families, with a very old woman looking at it.

*In 2019, the hooded man tells Tannhaus that he traveled from the future, from a wormhole created by an incident at the nuclear plant. He shows Tannhaus the suitcase device, which has Tannhaus' initials on it, and asks him to fix it so that he can shut down the wormhole that was previously created, and save the future. Tannhaus refuses and sends him away, and then takes a pristine-looking device off a shelf and compares it to the broken one.
*In 1953, Tannhaus goes through the pockets of Ulrich's jacket and finds his smartphone, and is shocked at the sight of the lock-screen photo when he clicks the power button. Meanwhile, Ulrich sits outside watching the shelter door, and hears knocking.
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We see 2019 Michael's wall of photos of the families, with a very old woman looking at it.

The woman is Claudia; I had to go back to the wall o' photos to verify. Where is this wall, in the shelter? Where has she been up to now?
posted by AFABulous at 5:38 PM on December 4, 2017

Where is this wall, in the shelter?

I was confused by that, too. I thought the hooded man had his own wall o' crazy somewhere - his hotel room?
posted by mediareport at 6:24 PM on December 5, 2017

Damn. Was not expecting Ulrich to bash in kid Helge's head. He can't be dead though, right? I'll have to check, but I bet that was him waking up in the lab at the beginning of episode 7.

This thing is gonna have zero resolution after 10 episodes, isn't it?

I mean, I'm liking it, for sure. It's creepy and has a few interesting characters (Blank Jonas not being one of them), and while the Explanium in this ep got laid on way too thick by Mr. Science, the carefully doled out time travel connections have been intriguing enough to keep me going. I just hope we get some sorts of closures in the last two episodes. Aside from Mikkel/Michael, we really haven't learned a whole lot while it keeps adding characters and opening new subplots.
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Ulrich is an idiot. He knows that Helge in the future has scars on the side of his head and he didn’t think that maybe he should make double sure helge is dead. Or maybe it’s fate and Ulrich wouldn’t have been able to kill him at all.
posted by LizBoBiz at 8:11 AM on February 9, 2018

Ulrich is an idiot.
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A sexy idiot.
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Given how big and strong 2019 Ulrich is, and how tiny 1953 Helge is, and how many times he hit that kid in the head with a big rock, you'd think his skull would have been caved in. But Helge has to survive so the knot of time is pulled tighter.
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