Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Little Guy, Black Hair
December 4, 2017 2:27 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

With evil forces converging, Dirk Gently must take charge to rescue the feuding Brotzman siblings from certain death. While in Bergsberg, Panto offers Bart a better life, as Farah and the police contend with the disappearance of Todd and Dirk.
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Brotzman rapprochement! Team hijinx! This one was a lot of fun. Didn't like Tina losing her cool though, I didn't see her reacting to stress that way. Also two episodes in a row now with no Bart/Panto scenes, gah.
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The scene of Amanda and Todd beating the hell out of each other made me laugh.

I can totally see Tina freaking out like that. Maybe not to the extent where she'd be shooting at Farah blindly but I figure there are probably all kinds of reasons Tina normally dulls her senses.
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I love that Ken is now an unofficial member of Black Wing, in that he's talking to Mr. Priest about what the files say, and laughing that someone dropped the ball in closing Black Wing down when they did.

I, too, miss Bart and Panto.

With a whole truck in Wendimoor, I wonder if there's a bigger portal somewhere, or if The Boy dreamed it into Wendimoor.
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I think the large portal is the wet circle in the barn, where (I think?) Kellum zapped Hobbes before driving the truck through.
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I think I caught someone calling Dirk a "hoopy frood" in the village?

I'm pretty sure Ken is using Blackwing to find Bart. I mean, he's one of the weirdos, and he knows that Bart will eventually find Dirk so if he finds Dirk he can find Bart.
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gah so many cliffhangers! i gotta see next week's asap!
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> I think I caught someone calling Dirk a "hoopy frood" in the village?

That was the executioner! Except he said, "It's past noon, ya hoopty frood." With a T.
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So Ken and Rapunzel were designated "Project Alpha", and look what Ken is doing. Hilarious.
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also, with Moloch being the boy, called it!
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* snaps fingers like Dirk *
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