Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War
December 6, 2017 5:10 AM - Season 3, Episode 9 - Subscribe

So many funny moments in this episode - the look on Mick's face when the Vikings carried Beebo past him after his capture just about killed me.
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Loved this one. I think my favorite moment might've been Ray flying around inside the Beebo lecturing Vikings about evolution and global warming, but there was so much to like here.
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Jax's departure isn't part of a midseason cliffhanger where he goes off on his own adventure in a series of B-plots. He's actually off the show. EW reports:
It should come as no surprise that just one episode after the death of Stein, Jax has decided to leave the Waverider — and EW can confirm that Franz Drameh has exited DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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I wasn't expecting Jax to leave, and I'll miss his character (and I don't know who the crew is going to get to fix the ship) but everything else about this episode was great. It was big and dumb and stupid but in the perfect way to make it fun. Plus we got the best send-off possible for Martin, some nice character work for our bumbling ex-bank robbers, a new relationship between the Legends and at least one member of the Time Bureau, and Johnny Con back in the DCCW.

It was about the only way to follow-up on the consequences of the crossover. Well done Legends team.
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Aww. :(

I thought Jax's thing was temporary. I'll miss him.
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Ray flying around inside the Beebo lecturing Vikings about evolution and global warming

That was pretty much the point at which I said, out loud and to no one at all, "I love this crazy-ass show!"
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Me too. This is one possible path to the perfect comic book show for me: embrace how ridiculous it all is, revel in it.

(Doesn't hurt that I posited this scenario in the late 90s in high school - had to write something for a class about how post-apocalyptic people might misinterpret modern artifacts, and my response posited a group worshiping a functional Teddy Ruxpin.)
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I've never been a huge fan of Jax (except when he was playing Stein), but this was sad. And apparently the actor is really leaving the show, too. There's a lot of departure going on lately.

I wish Snart was on for good. The puppet was both horrifying and delightful, as is his relationship with Mick. I hate to lose him too.

The whole Beebo thing was priceless, as was Stein's menorah sweater. Christmukkah lives.
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If there is one thing you can say about this show, is that it has no problems changing up the roster either by dumping characters or killing them off. That's kind of refreshing for a super hero show.
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Count me in as surprised and surprisingly sad that Jax is leaving, I assumed there would be some evolution of firestorm powers. This show did amazing stuff with characters that felt annoying and forced when they originated on Flash. Remember Stein drugging and kidnapping Jax? I thought it was odd to rehash Stein's sentiment from the previous episode with ersatz Stein but damn if it didn't make me cry again. This show gets the balance right. (I'm looking at you, Flash. Adding a gross horndog doesn't count as humor!)
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yeah a pretty solid follow up to the crossover. Also, vikings!

I'm sensing something between Sara and Ava right?
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I believe the ship has been named Avalance.
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Dang this show is hitting on all cylinders this season. There was a big grin on my face from Leo as therapist until Jax's emotional departure.
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