The Flash: Don't Run
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I've had a theory for the past few episodes that Barry was going to end up in a physical fight with DeVoe and accidentally kill him, leading to The Trial of the Flash. Part of my thought on that is that DeVoe is the first of Barry's nemeses who is an actual recorded citizen in Central City. Thawne and Savitar are from the future and basically don't exist according to present day records (Thawne was using Harrison Wells's stolen identity so it gets murky, but since he was erased from existence, I don't know how recorded history reconciles that). Zoom was from another universe. DeVoe though? He's a respected citizen. That guy goes missing and there'd be questions.

Instead the show keeps Barry's hands clean and has DeVoe frame him for his own murder (didn't the Joker do that to Batman once in the comics?) and we get to The Trial of the Flash that way. The writers have been teasing this arc since season 1. I hope it pays off in the end.

I'm also interested in DeVoe's long-term plan for the Enlightenment because, right now, I don't understand why he needed to attract Barry's attention at all. He and his wife could have worked in anonymity all of this time, right? Why do they need Barry involved with them at all? We don't have the answer to that yet. I hope there is an answer to that!
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Actually, that's a really smart hypothesis, Servo and one that hadn't occurred to me but that makes perfect sense. Mind you, I don't know if even that storyline would help rebuild my interest in the show this year. It's just not clicking for me, even though it's obvious the writers and producers are trying to get away from all of the troubling aspects of last year's plot.
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I understand they wanted to do this arc to go along with the comics, but... seriously? One of the most common complaints about this show is that Barry is just an idiot at using his powers. If he figured out how to vibrate out of that energy prison, he could've figured out, especially because he works with cops, that he could easily vibrate out of the wall of the apartment, go back to Joe's, and have a whole host of witnesses that can (and willing!) say he was there the entire time. The alarm coming on and being turned off could've easily explained to anyone that someone else was in there, "killed" DeVoe, and managed to turn the alarm off and leave.

Also, the flying chair thing. So there's just no explanation for how DeVoe's magic chair just warps him everywhere? It works like Cisco's breaches? That hasn't been clearly shown. And why the hell are you afraid of falling, Barry, when you can generate air turbines from your arms to break your fall, like you've done before? And when he went low enough to knock you into cars, you can easily jump off and run then!

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Why does The Thinker hate Barry again? Seriously, I have no idea. Am I supposed to know?
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I had originally suspected that DeVoe needed Barry's body because it, and only it, was fast enough (well his brain was fast enough thanks to the speed force) to keep up with enhanced genius thoughts, hence his attack on Barry. But now that it has been revealed he needed the new meta as his host, the whole plotline about antagonizing Barry just doesn't make sense, so your guess is as good as mine is, jenfullmoon.
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"My name is Clifford DeVoe and I am the Fastest Mind Alive. I stole the body of a metahuman and, working with my wife, am trying to bring about the Enlightenment. I framed Barry Allen for my own murder for some reason; don't try to figure it out, you can't, I'm too brilliant. I am... The Thinker."
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I'm usually plot agnostic on these shows, I'm just along for the ride and I don't get a lot out of nit-picking, but in this case I can't help but be disappointed by how lackluster the Thinker plot is becoming. When he first appeared I thought it was Metron and I was stoked for some Kirby shit to go down, so maybe I'm just lamenting what might have been.

Also fuck Ralph Dibny. And why does he has such a shitty suit? Its so bad I would hesitate to introduce someone to the show this season, even though reorienting the show to have a lighter tone is mostly working.
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Also fuck Ralph Dibny. And why does he has such a shitty suit?

The gray puppy poncho? Cisco said it's a prototype and so it's not meant to be fancy, but I like to think it's because they don't like Ralph very much and don't care if he looks silly. Hell, they probably get a laugh out of forcing the bad suit on him.
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I think Cisco did allude to the fact that he's not making Dibny a better suit until he's earned it, but I'm sure we'll see that before the finale.
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why does he has such a shitty suit?

Cisco's Revenge.
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