Mad Men: The Grown Ups   Rewatch 
October 8, 2014 5:50 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Don meets with an impressive candidate. Peggy second guesses her taste in men. Pete makes big career decisions.
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These plot descriptions (from iTunes) are as full of non sequiturs as the Mad Men promos. I always laugh when I pull them.

But I guess they couldn't lead with "the President gets killed and Betty asks Don for a divorce."

But Don met with an impressive candidate (off-camera) and had a 30-second conversation with Lane about it.
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This is the episode I always want to skip just to get on to "Shut the Door, Have a Seat".

Although I do *love* Betty/January Jones's "What is going on?" outburst when Oswald is shot.
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Also: "This is America. You don't just shoot the president."
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I love Roger and Mona's relationship in this episode, but Jane in that red suit is just an amazing (and complicated) trophy wife.

(I also realized on this watch that Mona and I have almost the same hairdo, and I got a little sad.)
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I think 1963 Jane Siegel Sterling is my favorite Jane Siegel Sterling.

(I can imagine her getting married a couple more times throughout her life, and adding on last names like a soap star. Or Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler.)
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I also realized on this watch that Mona and I have almost the same hairdo, and I got a little sad

Take heart Sweetie Darling, Mona is always attractive and classy.

I'll never get use to seeing Peggy and Duck together.
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On BertCooperWatch, he's in the kitchen (the source of action) watching the news (the most important thing going on.)
I just realized that Henry Francis has a grown-up daughter. Perhaps why he's so good with and for Betty, who never really became an adult.
Also, this episode confirms for me that Trudy Campbell Is A KGB Spy. Look at that tactileneck!
posted by the man of twists and turns at 7:43 PM on October 12, 2014

This episode seems to be all about women being treated like children, which goes with the title. First there's Mona and Margaret (and Margaret really is acting like a snotty 13-year-old here), then Roger and Margaret, and then Margaret and Jane are paralleled, both exciting the room in the same sulky manner after being told off by their respective grownups.

Duck hides the news from Peggy (although I'm sure it's so she isn't distracted from his mission, to make up for three weeks of presumed abstinence), although Betty lets Sally and Bobby watch everything, even after Don halfheartedly tells her not to.

And finally Betty's face, without makeup, wearing white, when Ruby is shot. She's so uncomprehending (like so many others, I suppose) that she seems a child. And she has no one to trust to tell her everything will be okay. Don's been lying to her for years, after all, so why should he be telling the truth now? Sometimes her reasoning is so clear, without her saying a word. January Jones is really great.
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