My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 387: TWO THOUSAND AND LATE-TEEN
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That's not what we ended up calling the year, by the way. Though, following our grand tradition, we did end up spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out the definitive them for 2018. So ... enjoy that? Suggested talking points: The Naming of 2018, FacePics, Twice at the Denny's, Fresh Butt Dead Drop, Mail vs. Garbage, Locked Cold Room Mystery
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This episode was very good. Love the year theme. It's not one of the magical ones but that's fine, I like the regular ones too.

I have a very long commute and I actually do carry around spare clothes in my back pack. I do have clean socks and underwear, my shirt for the workday, a clean shirt for the way home and a full kit of toiletries. And yes I do feel like a brand new person when I change into that new shirt and deodorant after work. It's very nice.
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The part where Griffin put the guy in the corner was pretty on point though.
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Me, I love collaboreighteen, especially the image of two horse best friends being able to pull so much. I can't wait to see fan art for it.
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I put the order of my sentences wrong, I do love Collaborateen.
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I'm a bit wary of collaborateen. Collaborating just makes me think of Nazi collaborators, or y'know any other fascist regime.

But on the plus side, I do like dead drops of nice clean clothes. I'm in a coffee shop listening to this podcast and ideally imagining some kind of pants cannon whereby you can order fresh underwear on your phone and a high power artillery piece launches your order to your location. Possibly wrapped in like a biodegradable shell or some such.
Or a zeppelin that paradrops socks.
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I don't think every word that's once been used negatively has to be off-limits forever.
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I occasionally work in a clean room (this image is pretty accurate). Just inside the door, after you've gowned up, there are rows of little hooks with small, labeled bags, where regulars can leave their goggles, or any other small items that they don't need outside the clean room and don't want to decontaminate every time they go in.

I kept thinking that it would be the perfect setup for small bags of underpants and maybe a bar of soap.
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The part where Griffin put the guy in the corner was pretty on point though.

I've listened to the episode twice, and I've got to ask, why did Griffin put him in the corner?
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I was zoning in and out, but he fired his grandpa's air rifle inside his grandma's cold room and didn't take responsibility for the damage? Something like that.
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Oh and more basically he was putting him in the corner for a 15 minute timeout, in case that wasn't clear.
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It felt like Travis was constantly on the verge of independently inventing both vending machines and storage lockers during the undiecache segment.
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They put the guy in the corner for playing with a gun while drunk. He recklessly fired it into a wall which could have killed someone.
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I realized with some horror that I am exactly the kind of person who has had this problem where, sometimes, sitting with my laptop at a Denny's--actually it was more likely to happen when I was in law school at Bob Evan's but basically same thing--where I'd eaten my meal and gotten my check and everything and I had in fact been there long enough to try to seriously consider if I could order again without it being completely humiliating. I never did, but I did on more than one occasion do something like moving from Panera (where I'd had lunch) to Bob Evans or Denny's around dinnertime.

Some of us are just really, really bad at cooking.
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Travis's reaction to the Jesus joke confused me. does it mean that he's a Christian? does this mean that Justin's a Christian? is Travis commenting on the edginess of the joke?

also, wasn't there a moment in the previous podcon live episode where they talk about Justin and his relationship to the church or is my tinfoil hat on too tight?
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The impression I’ve gotten over time is that they grew up in a fairly religious community etc. but aren’t especially religious nowadays, and it was just a sort of anti-joke situation
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they have whatever kind of background suits a boy to make numerous adorable off-the-cuff bible jokes. in a manner identical to that of their Dune jokes, one which suggests that any affectedly casual or careless mistakes are made on purpose, so as to rile up any portion of their audience which might know a Meschach from a Shadrach or an Irulan from a Chani or, god forbid, all four. it is charming.
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