Pod Save America: “Stockholm Syndrome.”
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The President assures the country of his mental stability, Mueller hones in on obstruction while Republicans in Congress try to undermine him, and the Democrats plot their strategy to protect the DREAMers. Jon, Jon, and Tommy do the pod live from Stockholm, Sweden. Previously...

Previously on Pod Save America:

In Cons and Clowns they talk with Seth Myers before the Golden Globes and the whole President Oprah joke is born. Weird Year a clip show where they look back on 2017 and we get to the origin of Lovett's unhappiness about the wine bottle gift for Favreau's wedding. We're Saying Pod Save America was the last pod of 2017 where the hosts discussed everything that happened and how their first year went. Finally, Keep Your Heads Up, where Senator Dick Durbin joined the pod to talk about the Dream Act.

On Crooked Conversations, in the first episode of 2018 called Will 2018 Be The Year of Reckoning for #MeToo they talk with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand about the accusations against Trump. In the last episode of 2017, How Did Humans Shape the Idea of God? Ana Marie Cox speaks with Reza Aslan about how religion has changed to reflect society. Finally, on What Comes After the Open Internet? Symone Sanders talks to FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn about Net Neutrality.

With Friends Like These starts the year with Two Rats in a Sack where Ana Marie Cox talks with author and BuzzFeed writer Scaachi Koul about Youtube celebrity Logan Paul's trip to Japan's "Suicide Forest". Winter Break Encore I discusses Colin Kaepernick and race in America. The second part, Winter Break Encore II has a visit from Mythbusters' Adam Savage about how to deal with relatives who have falled under sway of right-wing conspiracy theories.

On Pod Save the World, Tommy talks with Republican foreign policy expert Koris Schake about the Drumbeat of War with North Korea and its eerie similarities to lead up to the Iraq War. And on Iranian Revolution Obama foreign policy advisor Ben Rhodes talks about the current protests and how today compares with the 2009 Green Revolution.

Majority54 ended 2017 with Jason Kander talking to Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards about activism in Grab an Oar. Kander starts with 2018 talking Gun Sense with the founder of Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts.

Finally, on Pod Save the People, DeRay talks allyship with Chelsea Handler in Courage. He talks to Piper Kerman, producer of Orange is the New Black and Georgia Lerner, ED of the Women’s Prison Association to talk about women, children and the criminal justice system in Let's Do Better In the New Year. And in the most recent episode, Lifting Others Up, he talks with Wes Moore about his new role fighting systemic poverty at Robin Hood, #closerikers, and hope. Later he talks with Laura Weidman Powers of Code2040 joins DeRay to discuss the important of diversity in the tech industry.

Lovett or Leave It has not updated recently but there will probably be a new show from their European tour.
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In Cons and Clowns they talk with Seth Myers before the Golden Globes and the whole President Oprah joke is born.

Crooked put up the clip against Seth Myers' monologue, and it's very cool to see how Myers and his writers fit the joke in. The Hanks tag is a nice way to finish it off.
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Thanks for the summary, gladly! Crooked has so many podcasts now, it's hard to keep up with all the new content.
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Not my summary -- asteria is writing these posts! I wish more people wanted to talk about the podcasts, but I love these posts.
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