Lady Dynamite: Season 2 of Lady Dynamite
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In season 2, Maria Bamford gets used to life as part of a couple, with stories being told in the present, in 1980s Duluth and THE FUTURE. Join us, won't you?
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I liked season 2, but felt season 1 was a little more focused.
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I greatly enjoyed how off-putting and bizarre the Future segments were, with its woozy camerawork, bizarre storyline, and meta-skewering of Netflix, yet didn't mind a bit that it was all a future-dream. I always love it when Maria does that voice, but the way she cheerfully changes herself and cedes control of not only her show but her life to others was the funniest tragedy I've ever seen. Also, it was great to see Mira Sorvino.

The bit where Maria dries off after her shower and moves too fast and erratically for the pixel-blur to keep pace was genius.
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Alas! There will be no more Lady Dynamite.
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Well, fuck.
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