Project Runway All Stars: Damsels in Distress
January 13, 2018 7:34 PM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Designers tear, dye, and burn to create distressed fashion for a post-apocalyptic runway.

EW recap

Full looks

I'm mostly posting this because I am VERY UPSET about who was eliminated this week.
Cool runway, though. Loved the winner's look.

Are other people watching this season?
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My full looks link is bad, but here's the runway show, mea culpa.
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Yes, the wrong designer went home, particularly when you think about the effort that went into making that textile. That said, though, I hated the outfit itself.

I wonder how Amanda is coping with not being gushed over by the judges? I can't stand her. She's always seemed to have such a sense of entitlement.

I love Anthony, he makes me smile just to look at him. Merlene, I just don't get the love for her clothes. So far it's been relatively drama-free, but I'm sure Joshua and Ken are saving it all up for later ...
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oh wow, had no idea this had started, thanks.
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This was a really decent runway, but a terrible outcome on both sides, I think. Anthony's dress was....interesting? I mean, it had a lot to look at, but it, to me, looked very costume, pageant, drag, whereas Ari's was refined and just gorgeous. But the judges had a different idea of what, "Make something that uses distressing techniques" was than a lot of the contestants.

Same goes for Kelly, I think. She spent a lot of time on the fabric technique, but what they really wanted was something totally refined, just using distressed fabrics in some way that didn't interfere with the design itself. Burning Man fashion is exactly what distressing tends to lend itself to, but they'd rather have garments they've seen in most runways with a little bit burned at the ends than that.
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I loooooooooved Ari's look. I am bummed that Kelly went home, but I did NOT like that look, at all, so I guess I'm not that mad.

Is it just me, or is everyone really catty this time around?
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Okay, now I'm caught up. First of all, although there are contestants whom I enjoyed seeing again, like Fabio, Edmond, and Anthony, there's nobody I really wanted to see more of as a designer although Candice surprised me in the first episode ("not just red and black anymore", heh) (Also I thought Edmond would be in the bottom with his ill-fitting winning gown in that ep).

I was sad to see Kelly go, her outfit was a mess, but she put in a lot more thought and effort than Stanley's basic quinceanera dress (seriously, I don't remember him *at all* in his season. There was a team season??)

I understood why Anthony won. He was the only one who used color effectively. Most of them were indistinguishable shades of black and greige. Anthony had that brilliant red peaking out of the black netting in the bodice which contrasted with the mostly white skirt and then the splash of red near the hem. I think it was Georgina Chapman who said that the gown would not have worked in the original undistressed fabric. (Remember the first winner in the last regular season, the designer picked that showy floral and positioned the motifs perfectly) Large florals are just not high fashion. Anthony's brought the drama.

Completely uninterested in watching Josh, Char, Helen and Kimberly so might skip this until the second half of the season when one hopes they will be gone.
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