Grace and Frankie: The Scavengender Hunt
January 28, 2018 10:21 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The cast is forced to sit through the "Scavengender hunt" that Bud and his baby mama are putting on. Literally nobody but them cares at all.

In other news, Brianna's boyfriend took another job with her rival, Frankie found out that Sheree has steprelatives and may be a scammer, and Frankie hates Santa Fe because "I blend right in!" Everyone has balloon pants and adopted gay son there... and there's the snakes!

What's the baby's gender? NOBODY KNOWS.

Sheree is not a scammer, Frankie breaks up with Santa Fe (if not Jacob), and now we shall have a threesome at the house! Er...with Sheree still staying at the house along with Frankie, that is.
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Surely that cake was supposed to be blue. Right?
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